WOD Friday 22/02/2013

Perform the following tests:

L-sit for time.
Handstand walk for distance.
Chest to bar weighted pull-up for load.
Snatch 1 rep for load.

Post time, distance and loads to comments.


31 Comments on “WOD Friday 22/02/2013

    • Doesnt she ! That’s actually a very pretty smile and a very flattering stance…. *mental note for next beach photoshoot to bring a chin up bar and resistance band 😉 * hope you get spoilt Gilli ! x ANd drink lots of cider and get told off by Jack for being hung over !

  1. Yesterday’s work wod . Wod I missed the other day 30 hspu 40 pull up ect. 14. 30 rxd had to do hspu’s in my room because i didnt wont to look like a dick then race over to the work gym only a bout 100 meters away. Happy birthday Gilli !

  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful Bezza!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful day with your boys, love you xxx

  3. Happy Birthday lovely Gilli have a fantastic day and night you are going great guns Mrs RXD Gilli watch out Scotty you will have to try and keep up with your super wife!!! Gotta love Girl Power 4551!!!The End 🙂 Yeh Gilli x

  4. happy birthday gilli! scotty and jack had best be spoiling you!! aha

  5. 5.30am
    Alan 10 sec/1min hh/10kg/32.5kg
    Cathy 40 sec/40 sec/o band/12kg
    Matty F 17 sec/1.10min hh/25kg/60kg
    Greg 17 sec/1.10 hh/7.5kg/50kg
    Mel P 30 sec/2 sec fhh/12.5kg/50kg
    Lynne 30 sec/40 sec hh/unassisted/35kg
    Carlie 19 sec/27 sec hh/r&y/20kg
    Paula 2.30/45 sec/25/60kg mod
    Tommy 6 sec/3.5m/10kg/55kg rxd
    Liv 9 sec/5.5m/8kg/45kg
    Leanne 30 sec/23 sec hh/o band/6kg
    Shano C 31 sec/29m/20kg/60kg rxd
    Corey 1.27 min/5.5m/20kg/70kg rxd

    Kurt 30 sec/30 sec hh/fail/55kg
    Stevo 45 sec/60 sec hh/12.5kg/40kg
    Kirsten 36 sec/24 sec hh/b+p/tech
    Sue 30 sec/37 sec hh/r+r/12kg
    Jenny.B/ 45 sec/90 sec/8.75kg/25kg PS
    Cliff 11 sec/6m/24kg/50kg rxd
    Lock 34 sec/5m/30kg rxd
    Bryce 8 sec/10m/16kg/40kg rxd
    JFK ?

    • Killed It Couchy!! Awesome Numbers Bud, Especially like the 29m HSW!!

      • You should have seen it Smoke, started Dinasaw end, walked across the room, out the sliding door and kept going til he fell over near the road. Was great to watch 😉

  6. Happy birthday beautiful Gilli xx have a wonderful day, I laughed pretty hard at B’s comment… Make sure you hide all your empty bottles this time!! 😉 xx

  7. That has to be a some sort of record WOW!! Shano 29m handstand walk congratulations!:)

  8. Happy birthday Gilli – hope you have a great day. I know Scott will spoil you rotten and I am sure Jack will have some wonderful words of wisdom for you. Enjoy it.

  9. Happy Birthday to a truelly beautiful woman!! You are a an absolute treasure Gillian English and you deserve a magical 25th Birthday!!! I will be having words with our husband ensuring that he treats you with the love and respect that you deserve on your special day. If he does not live up to your expectations I will divorce him!! Love Your Pretty FFAAAAAACCCCEEEEE!!!! 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday Gilli…..looking great as ever….I am sure the big dude is gonna spoil you rotten this weekend ..

  11. Great coaching Nick was awesome to see Kirsten get her handstand!:)

  12. reminder – Did you check your Daily Fuel?? Something free today!!!

  13. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes :). I’m having a great day, and my boys did spoil me rotten 😉 xx

  14. Happy birthdays Gilli 🙂
    10 min amrap
    Run to the end of the court
    10 push ups
    10 burpees
    3 rounds
    Then bench press for 3 max sets on 30,35,40 kg

  15. Good on you Mel P for sharing your post on DAILY FUEL, hope you like Banana Bread 🙂

  16. I forgot to write up my snatch – 55kg. My l sit was hopeless