WOD Friday 22/07/2011

Power Snatch


30 Snatch 60kg (40kg)

For time.

Post load and time to comments.

6 Comments on “WOD Friday 22/07/2011

  1. Hoop Yeah!! 5:30 pm session is gunna be Rockin!! Lets Get Readyy Tooo Rummmmmmbllllleeee!!! Bing!!

  2. 5.45am
    Alan 22.5/3.10 (20kg)
    Megan 25/3.07 (20kg)
    Shano.G 50kg/5.42 (45kg)
    Lauren 35/7.00 rxd

    Alli 30kg/4.29 (30kg)
    Lynda 40kg/5.08 rxd
    Scotty.T 45kg/3.28 (40kg)
    Sheree 6.06 (20kg) “CF Mom WOD”
    Jill 20kg/3.51 (6kg)
    Susie 20kg/5.48 (20kg)
    Richo 55kg/6.18 (47.5kg)

    4pm Open Gym
    Lauren skills
    Lockstock Weighted Muscle-up
    Cliffo skills
    Gill 23.27 (5km Row)
    Aido Push Press
    Tanners 29.02 (5km Run)
    Lyndal 2.06 rxd

    Liv 27.5kg/3.02 (20kg)
    Chazz 50/2.48 (25kg)
    Tommy 55/8.52 rxd
    Kazza 47.5 PC / 6.02
    Albert 3.41 (27.5kg)
    Michelle 35/3.45 (27.5kg)
    Tanners 30/3.19 (25kg)
    Cliff 60/6.06 rxd
    Brucey 55/6.01 rxd
    God 47.5/2.22 (32.5kg)
    Aido 60/ 12 reps C/O (60kg)
    Joe 65/3.51 rxd
    Rob 40/4.02 (40kg)
    Beck L 30/2.49 (25kg)
    Lockstock 55/4.25 (50kg)
    Shano C 40/3.37 (40kg)
    Ryno 40/3.17 (30kg)
    Kurt 2.34 (30kg)
    Corina 20/4.32 (20kg)

  3. Lynda your my hero! U r belting out these RXD’s – love ur work girl!

    • Thanks Karen. It was a killer on the legs more than anything else.

  4. Looking forward to tomorrow morning WOD! Count us in for a cuppa afterwards