WOD Friday 23/11/2012

Five rounds for time of:
52.5kg (35kg) Push press, 12 reps
40 meter Shuttle sprint (4 x 10 meters)
52.5kg (35kg) Squat snatch, 8 reps

Post load and times to comments.

17 Comments on “WOD Friday 23/11/2012

  1. 5.30am
    Alan 10.58 25kg
    Megzi 13.33 20kg
    Bianca 11.30 rxd
    Shano.c 18.05 40kg
    Jaydos 15.48 30kg
    Lozza 12.24 25kg
    Liv 16.50 25kg
    Paula 10.57 12kg
    Tommy skills
    Carlie 14.25 12kg
    Lynne 13.01 20kg
    Stevo 9.05 mod

    Lachlan 20.54 rxd
    Kurt.N 18.42 45kg
    J.D 13.25 12kg
    Cliff 22.36 rxd
    Sue 14.02 6kg
    Jenny.B 13.25 12kg
    Lauren 17.15 20kg (Welcome)
    Gemma 11.34 mod
    Macdaddy 16.58 40kg
    Richo 15.30 35kg

    Aido 19.59 (50kg) mod
    Mel.P 16.10 (30kg)
    Rachel 20.43 (20kg)
    Pete 14.48 (30kg)
    Brucey 17.48 (30kg)
    Michelle 13.08 (20kg)
    Karen 24.14 (20kg)
    Suz 15.34 (12kg)
    Grant 18.29 (20kg)
    Stu 17.35 (45kg)
    Corey ??
    Randy 13.02 (35kg)
    Gill 14.15 (20kg)
    Mitch 17.13 (30kg)
    J.F.K 19.32 rxd
    Harro 23.30 rxd

    Yes that’s right no one at the 4.15pm session, this is the extra session people requested. Make sure you support it if you want it to stay guys 🙂

  2. What an awesome video Shea is already a super star can’t wait to see where she ends up with that attitude the skys the limit!!!

  3. Feels great to get the body moving again even if it was restricted… Nick / Aido thanks for the modified workout 🙂

  4. Sounds like Livdogs!! We should get someone to film Liv’s story 😉

  5. Great burger warm ups this week Nick help me to improve!:)Cliff awesome stretching for us all today you are a legend!! Welcome Lauren have a great day:)

  6. Yesterday’s wod burpees and dips instead of muscle ups but 3 x.

    Suz 10.40
    Grant 11.25

  7. Today’s wod 19:48 with 40kg – workout was completed at Crossfit Geebung, big thankyou to the guys there for letting me spontaneously squeeze a wod in before their class this afternoon!!

  8. Work wod. Today’s wod mod with dumb bell push press , rowing and dumb bell one arm snatches. 9.25