WOD Friday 24/06/2011 (Day 19 of 25)

Weighted Pull-ups

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20 Comments on “WOD Friday 24/06/2011 (Day 19 of 25)

  1. Mick i’m without a car,wouldn’t start yesterday on the way to crossfit and is in getting fixed AARRRGGGHHH not happy !!! can you please post me a WOD???

  2. 5.45am Bands (P=Purple, B=Blue, R=Red, O=Orange, Y=Yellow)
    Paul 5-12.5kg
    Megan O-2.5kg
    Allan O-Unassisted

    Lynda B+R-B+Y
    Bec.C B-R
    Kazza 2.5-7.5kg
    Kurt Y-1kg
    Aido 10-17.5kg
    Nick.Z 20-35kg
    Richo 1.25-5kg

    4pm Open
    Wog Cleans
    Cliff Mobility
    Tanners 5km Run
    Dal 2.5-10kg
    Mull 1.25-6.25kg
    Ryno Snatch

    Rob 10-17.5kg
    Brucey 10-17.5kg
    Pablo 10-27kg
    Bek.L Y-7.5kg
    Tanners B-Y
    Cliffo 6-16kg
    Gill B-R
    Scotty.E P-B
    Lara P-B
    Stocko 10-32kg
    Rynos 10-17.5kg

    • OK, really? I’m gonna have to draw the line at Mull. Can handle Mal, but Mull is pushing your luck a little! Bad enough that Lyndal pronounces it like that when she is blind and slurring!

  3. Well done this morning Megan, massive PB..Where was Cliffy with his camera? You would of loved a photo with weights tucked into your pants…

  4. Yeah awesome effort to see your pull-ups unassisted but to add a bit of weight into the trousers was awesome Megan, awesome mate!!

    • Thanks guys, it’s really set me up for a great day 🙂 I really appreciate your encouragement.

  5. Team 9.15am,

    …its amazing what you can achieve when you feed off the belief OTHERS have in you.

    As always, couldn’t of done it without you all. Thanks heaps,


    p.s. I won’t be hanging up my “security bands” just yet though!

    • remove that P.S Kurt – no going back now mate – FRIGGIN AWESOME to watch you this morning pop out those unassisted Pullups and then to add your weights and watch your pants nearly fall down ha ha ha, kidding – nothing revealed honestly. LOVE YOUR SPIRIT MATE!

  6. Let’s just write me up for 5kg as I’m already 5kg heavier than when I first started doing pull ups! I was just showing a little initiative and started to work my way up a while ago!

  7. my hands r too torn up to do pullups so ill see u bright and early tomorrow…

  8. MEGAN – wow was thrilled to hear this morning that you did your unassisted pullups and then added your weight to it – would have loved to seen it me darling I would have done a big YEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW for ya, oh mind you I did when Mick told us ha ha ha. Your awesome girl!

  9. Sorry didn’t come tonight guys see you Monday 🙂 x

  10. So, Lyndal and I *will* be in tomorrow, however, me and my automatic licence will be driving her manual car, so who knows what time we’ll arrive!

  11. Pray for me guys… although if I have to sit through yet ANOTHER Bombers thrashing a telegraph pole in the morning may not be the worst option.

  12. Lockstock woooohoooo nice weight man

  13. Cheers kazza! Just trying to keep up with wog boy.