WOD Friday 25/11/2011


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12 Comments on “WOD Friday 25/11/2011

  1. Guna have a rest day and do the Saturday session mick. Might come in at 4 for skills and mobility though.

  2. 5.45am
    Babs 65-85kg
    Alan 90-100kg
    Megan 60-75kg
    Lauren 80-92.5kg

    Lynda 95-105kg
    Lock skills
    Aido skills
    Brenno 110-140kg
    Kristen 60-80kg

    4pm Open
    Kazz Cleans
    Lauren 50kg Snatch
    Aidoss 67.5kg Snatch (BW)

    Louise 30-42.5kg
    Mel 20-40kg
    Brandoss 120kg across
    Karen 80-97.5kg
    Larns 100-115kg
    JFK 120-135kg

  3. Thank crunchie it’s Friday! Yewwww – looking forward to spending a great late arvo in the box!

  4. 67.5kg Snatch just over bodyweight, so chuffed
    gotta love open gym

    • Yeah sticksy! Great to watch …..

      And Lauren wooooohoooooo what a good session guys! Love Fridays.

  5. Having a rest day tomorrow shame I hate missing out on team WOD preparing for pink triathlon on Sunday. Doing it for my mum who had her second round of chemotherapy today. She has been beating breast cancer from the young age of forty. It has now spread to a number of areas in her body but as we say in crossfit “she is a bloody tough chick” and my mum is my Hero. Say a prayer for her and then one for me that I don’t beat her to the dirt on Sunday!!!

  6. Very sad to hear Kristen, we are all cheerin for ya mate!! Use your mothers battle as motivation to drive yourself to the finish line!! All the best from the team at CF 4551!!

  7. Here here Mick! Dito to all Micks said chick – Go get em Kristen – u got the spirit and you probs got that from ur Mum too if she’s fought it this long. It’s a very scary thing to have but also a great blessing to fight it – gives a lot of people hope that they can continue to carry on – Im testament to that (nearly 3yrs on) will b thinking of u!

  8. Thanks guys you inspire me daily and remind me of the strengths we all have if we choose to exercise them!!