WOD Friday 26/08/2011

Overhead Squat

Post load to comments.

10 Comments on “WOD Friday 26/08/2011

  1. I gotta bring his attitude with me tomoz for the overhead squat! Cheers for sharing that clip Micko!

  2. 5.45am
    Lockstock 45-70kg
    Alan 27.5kg across (5’s)
    Megan 30-42.5kg
    Mick ‘yesterdays wod’ 10.20 Rxd

    Richo 40-60kg
    Chase 40-65kg
    Brian ‘Technique’
    Kazza 20-40kg
    Kristen 20-32.5kg
    Scotty.T Split Jerk Tech
    Adam 45-65kg
    J.F.K 45-70kg

    Sticks 1 85kg
    Sticks 2 85kg

    Ryno 20-40kg
    Lauren 30-52.5kg
    Mull 30-50kg
    Dal 60-80kg

    Tommy 50-70kg
    Chazza 30-52.5kg
    Smokin 40-70kg
    Scotty.E 60 across x 5’s

  3. Hi Mick, Kurt and I have been on opposing shifts the past couple of days and passing off Lili to one another as she is home sick with whooping cough – ugh! We’ll get through the worst of it and be back Monday ready to rock n roll in the box! Thanks, Corina.

    • Hey Corina sending well wishes to ur daughter hope she gets well soon and u n Kurt can get back into it. Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks Corina,
    Hope she gets well soon!! Look forward to seeing u both Monday!

    Some nice PB’s today already guys, well done!!

  5. great wod! 🙂 hope lili gets better soon! 🙂 x