WOD Friday 26/11/10

Hang Power Clean


As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
3 Hang Power Clean 70kg (50kg)
20m Overhead Lunge 20kg (10kg)
20m Overhead Carry 20kg (10kg)

Post loads and rounds to comments.

11 Comments on “WOD Friday 26/11/10

  1. sorry I couldnt make it this morning, bloody sick!!! See you monday.. have a great weekend!!

  2. 5.45am
    Cyn 30kg/5+3(25kg)
    Lauren 45kg/5+3(40kg)
    Jayden 55kg/6(50kg)
    Louise 22.5kg/5+3+20m(22.5kg) Welcome

    Run 400m
    21 Kettlebell Swing 24kg
    12 Pullup

    3 Rounds

    Mick 8.39 rxd
    Brad 8.31 rxd

    Rob 57.5kg/3rnds (mod) 70kg DL
    Jim 20kg/4rnds (20kg)
    Karen 35kg/5+3 (30kg)
    Richo 65kg/5rnds (50kg)
    Lock Stock 60/6+3 (50kg)
    Nick.Z 87.kg/6+1 rxd

    4pm Open gym
    Amanda 40kg/6+1 (30kg)
    Karen skills
    Giles 57.5kg/5+3 (50kg)
    Brad 125kg Clean

    Brucey 75kg/4+3 rxd
    Albert 45kg/5+3 (40kg)
    Michelle 40kg/5+3 (30kg)
    Tamara 55kg/5+1 rxd
    Beck 30kg/5 (30kg)
    Alana 50kg/4+3+OHL
    Blake 20kg/4+OHL
    Mim 37.5kg/5 (30kg)
    Janeah 50kg

  3. A very pleasant suprise to see u in this morning Louise, Welcome!!

    Take care Nicole, see u Monday!!

  4. Can’t make it in today as I have to single handedly run Goodlife!! Will do the WOD here at some stage. See you all tomorrow at the group session.

  5. Probably won’t make it in today unless I happen to get out of work in time for 4, but doesn’t look promising.

  6. If anyone wAnts to go to Australia zoo for free on Sunday please let me know and I’ll give u further details

  7. Welcome back Louise. I am now really disappointed that I didn’t get in this morning as I missed your return. Hopefully I will see you next week.

    I will be in at the 5.30pm session today.

  8. Welcolm to the morning class again Louise 🙂 it’s great to have you back!

  9. Welcome to 4551 Louise i’m sure you’ll love it here !! Get well nik,hope your feeling better …..what do you do to be able to go to Australia Zoo ?

  10. holy lord!! I sure was not expecting an rxd for that one!! But Ill take it all the same!! Thanks guys for the encouragement. I definately needed it!! 🙂