WOD Friday 28/01/2011


Run 400m
15 Overhead Squats 42.5kg (30kg)

5 rounds for time.

Post load and time to comments.

18 Comments on “WOD Friday 28/01/2011

  1. Sheeeze!! My teeth are chattering at this one!! No RXD for me… Like there was any doubt. 😉

  2. Nasty Nasty Nancy C U At 9.15 for a face off…………….grin…………

  3. 5.45am
    Mim 16.53 (Band OHS)
    Shano G 16.59 (20kg)
    Louise 22.43 FS (6kg)

    8am .com

    Ten rounds, each for time of:
    50kg Thruster, 5 reps
    10 Pull-ups
    100 meter Sprint
    Rest 1 minute

    (Fastest and slowest times)

    Mick .54-1.01 rxd
    Calippo .59-2.23 rxd
    Tamara 1.07-1.28 (20kg)

    Paul 18.55 (20kg)
    Scotty T 19.12 (25kg)
    Karen 22.57 (30kg)
    Aoi 11.43 (6kg) mod
    Lock Stock 17.37 (30kg)
    Trina 29.00 (20kg)
    Lyndal 18.08 rxd
    Amanda 19.47 (20kg)

    Tommy 13.59 (20kg)
    Paula 28.48 (20kg)
    Cliffo (skills) OHS 55kg (5’s) 60kg x 2
    Karen Deadlift (5’s) 70-91kg
    Mick (skills)
    Albert 16.56 (25kg)
    Ryno 13.10 (6kg)
    Brucey (skills)
    Dale (skills)
    Paul (skills)

    Gilli 21.34 (20kg)
    Matt F 20.30 (30kg)
    Lachlan F 18.24 (20kg)
    Dale 20.39 (30kg)
    Smokin 18.47 rxd
    Michelle 17.24 mod (30kg)
    Lynda 23.58 (20kg)
    Larns 22.40 (20kg)
    Blake 19.20 (20kg)
    Tanya 18.12 (20kg)
    Ali 21.45 (20kg)
    Mel 20.21 (20kg)
    Brucey 18.02 (30kg)

  4. Im so glad friday is my rest day!!! see you 730AM for hopefully less running :0

  5. Guys I recommend you watch the video posted yesterday by Mick it is awesome…I think Mick, Cliffo and Nick should incorporate some of these moves in their fundraiser work out…

  6. Clifford Alan “ABS” Davis – There’s only one Alan Davis!

  7. Haha Tommy u make me laugh!!

    Randall, just remember 7am in the morn!

    Apologies T-man all fixed now bud.

  8. Zone Zone Zone! Just did a measurement – pretty stoked with results so far. Only 6 days left wooohoooo 🙂

  9. As I lie in bed at this moment I still have pins and needles
    Worst workout eveeeer