WOD Friday 28/12/2012

Three rounds for time of:
10 Weighted toes-to-bar, 5kg (3kg) ball
Row 200 meters with straight legs
10 Rower-facing burpees
Row 200 meters with straight arms

Post load and times to comments.

A WOD demo with some tips for today’s workout!!

5 Comments on “WOD Friday 28/12/2012

    • Totally agree Cliff!!! I looked and felt like a ridiculous gumby!!!:)

  1. 6am
    Ryan 12.06 mod
    Stu 12.51 rxd
    Sue 14.07
    Ellen 13.59 mod
    Sarah 14.53
    Cliff 10.26 rxd
    Stevo 10.20 mod
    Lynne 14.03
    Chase 13.42
    Alan 12.03 rxd
    Megzi 15.14 rxd

    Mick 10.31 rxd
    Tommy 11.37 rxd
    Paula 13.34 rxd
    Chazza Spectator rxd
    Lock 11.00 rxd
    Aido 9.47 rxd
    Hulk 12.06 rxd
    Wog 9.30 rxd
    Shauno 13.20 rxd
    Lozza 11.23 rxd
    Hayley 14.37 rxd
    Ryno 13.39 rxd
    Mich 14.33
    Brucey 18.20
    Mel.P 12.00 mod
    Bianca 12.24 rxd
    Pete 11.06 rxd
    Lachy.R 12.52
    Corina 17.33 rxd

  2. Hey Guys, I will be opening the shed at 4.45 to free up some rower space this afternoon. First in first serve on those rowers!

  3. Guys,
    Just putting it out there for anyone interested, we are heading out for the Seafood buffet this Saturday night at Novatel Twin Waters. Shaun and Janeah are down and would be a chance to catch up with them before they take off again. Anyone interested let me know by 4pm tonight at the latest so we change booking numbers, all welcome 🙂