WOD Friday 30/12/2016


Individually or in pairs complete,

4 Rounds for time of:
22 Burpee pull-ups
22 Back squats, 85kg (55kg)
200m Overhead plate run, 20kg (10kg)

-40min cap.
-Both athletes complete OHP run together.
-Only one athlete works at one time.
-Bar is taken from the deck.

Post load and team time to comments.

One Comment on “WOD Friday 30/12/2016

  1. Today’s WOD – Hayles and Squatto: 32:40 (35kg squat/20kg OH carry)

    Yesterday’s: Hayles: 37.5kg push press, Squatto 50kg

    Day before: Hayley 7RM back squat 40kg