WOD Friday 31/08/2012

Three rounds for time of:
60kg (42.5kg) Hang power clean, 15 reps
15 Burpees

Post load and time to comments.

14 Comments on “WOD Friday 31/08/2012

  1. Just to give ya an update on JD (the father) yep he’s keeping up his training in Dublin. An extract from a box in Dublin I seen on FB …… Then read one of the comments that was posted ha ha, jeeze I gotta love this man I call “Da”!

    Dunboyne Fitclub

    Great squat session this morning guys , it’s good to see a few moving up in weights !! A big shout out to my uncle John who showed you age is but a number , front squat & double hand swings with a 20kg bell and didn’t even break a sweat , 🙂

    John Cleary –
    Kept turning around and seeing John waiting for me to finish, then I thought “fair enough old man we’ll see” and picked up the pace and yep, he was still finished before me waiting for me to finish looking bored and full energy, when I could feel my left side going numb and my vision starting to go. The man’s not normal.

    • Way to go JD you show them the Aussie spirit!!!!!!! 4551!!!!

  2. 5.30am
    Megan 7.03 (35kg)
    Alan 5.17 (45kg)
    Stu 8.25 rxd
    Lynne 5.07 (20kg)
    Penny (20kg)
    Paula 9.25 rxd
    Tommy 5.30 rxd
    Hayley 9.09 (35kg) Front Squats

    • 9.15am
      Cliff 4.21 rxd
      Kurt.D 6.24 40kg
      Kurt.N 8.47 rxd
      Corina 10.50 30kg
      Sue 9.08 20
      Chase 9.41 rxd

      J.F.K 5.59 rxd
      Mull 11.39 rxd
      Dal skills
      Lauren 6.09 rxd
      Simmo 6.05 (50kg)
      Stu skills
      Tommy skills
      Alan skills
      Aido 5.16 mod

      Karen 5.44 rxd
      Matty Mac 8.44 rxd
      Chazza 8.31 rxd
      Mel P 10.16 rxd
      Randy 9.40 (50kg)
      Scotty E 7.00 rxd
      Beck 7.31 rxd
      Rob 7.58 (42.5)
      Tanners 6.02 (30kg)
      Smokin 10.22 rxd
      Jenni 7.51 (25kg)
      Shelby 9.15 (20kg)

  3. I’ll be heading into the box at 4 this arvo if anyone wants to come in and work on some skills or they’re goals

  4. Did the work out at home guys got 6:06 at 55 kgs didnt have anymore weights