WOD Monday 02/07/2012

“CrossFit Total”

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

(A reminder to get in early and do any extra mobility/warm-up you may need to be ready for today. Know your numbers and warm-up to weight safely and appropriately.)

Post total bodyweight % to comments.

16 Comments on “WOD Monday 02/07/2012

  1. 5.30am
    Lynne 2.85%
    Hulk 4.28%
    Alan 4.27%
    Megan 2.99%
    Penny Tech
    Ange 1.69%
    Lauren 4.39%
    Lisa 1.67%
    Kurt.D skills

    Sue 1.72%
    Bianca 4.14%
    Karen 3.89%
    J.F.K 3.97%
    Harro 3.28%
    Corina 3.72%
    Chase 3.16%
    Alli 2.74%

    Cliffo 3.20%
    Aido 4.72%
    Hayley 3.41%
    Beck L 3.30%
    Rob skills
    Harro skills
    Kurt N 3.35%
    Mimsy 1.42%
    Mull 3.54%
    Dal 3.54%
    Mel P 3.20%
    Cal 4.03%
    Matty L 3.38%
    Liz 1.20%

    Jaydoss 3.83%
    Tanners 2.50%
    Smoke 4.24%
    Tracy Tech
    Suz 2.42%
    Babs 2.25%
    Leigha 1.66%
    Lauren skills
    Mick skills

  2. May not make it in today – depending on finishing work and im going to get scotty at the airport at 6.50

    Did a 5km run at jetts today – 32.26

  3. 🙂 enjoyed this wod, some big lifts in the box this morning! Megan had a PB Yay!! I did a PB for backsquats so I was stoked! Thanx for the tech help Mick, I can really feel the dif between a good and a crap lift before I get too far in!

  4. For f@&$ sake I’m sick of missing all these great wods even missed the 10 km run. I just need this f@&$ing snot to piss of so I can get back to the box before I forget what I’m doing. Good to see everyone putting in the hard yards and some good results by everyone.
    PS F@&$ OFF FLU!!!!!

    • Get them antibiotics Stu – I think the name of them is HTFC bahahhahahahaha

      Miss seeing ya here – get well soon mate.

  5. Ditto Stu What Kazz says!!! I went to the doc too and he fixed me up real good!

  6. Hey guys hit Crossfit makay. Strength 3×5 sets of box squats. Then 4 rounds of 20x 40kg backsquats and burpees 8.20 RXD

    • ha ha it would be cool if we had a LIKE button on the page hey!!!

  7. Well done Ryno!!! That’s the spirit and heart I love about 4551 !!! Be Proud you’ve earn’t it!!