WOD Monday 02/11/2015

A) 16mins to find your 5RM:

-Reps are touch and go.

B) 3 Rounds for time of:
6 Deadlift, 2xBW (1.5xBW)
60 Double unders

Post loads and time to comments.



9 Comments on “WOD Monday 02/11/2015

  1. Guess i wont be getting rxd for this unless i can muster up a 260kg deadlift by 9.15

  2. BEAST EFFORTS by Carolyn and Ryno.C today who took out top female and male rxd times for the morning. It really does go to show how strong you guys are pound for pound and how much harder people with a smaller frame and similar body types have to work. It shows by the amount of rxd tags next to peoples names 🙂

    A solid attendance this morning, all sessions were pumping!! Thanks for an epic morning guys 🙂

  3. Good numbers guys and over 50 ppl turning out for the morning. Must be a lifting day.

  4. Top effort Robbo, Corina and Ellie on your efforts well done!!

  5. Thanks heaps Mick, felt awesome to get the rxd in the cut off time.
    And thanks heaps for the encouragement from the coaches and team at the 6pm session too!