WOD Monday 04/06/2012


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WHEN: This Sunday 10th June
WHERE: Crossfit 4551
TIME: 8AM/5.30PM
COST: $10 Per athlete, gold coin donation for breakfast.

All money raised will go towards 2 awesome causes, start getting friends and family together for support and help CF 4551 make a difference to people who need it most!!

18 Comments on “WOD Monday 04/06/2012

  1. 5.30am
    Livdogs 50-70kg
    Tommy 110-130kg
    Alan 100-120kg
    Megan 65-80kg
    Lisa 30-40kg

    Gemma 20-45kg
    Alli 40-72.5kg
    Sue 20-55kg
    Kurt.N 120-140kg
    Corina Tech
    Bianca 80-100kg
    Mick 140-155kg
    Karen 80-100kg
    Richo 100-120kg
    Suz 62.5-80kg

    Nipplets ??
    Stevo 80-100kg
    Disco 100kg
    Hulk 145-165kg
    Hayley 60-80kg
    Paula 60-77.5kg
    Chazza 80-92.5kg
    Livdogs Press (5’s) 27.5kg
    Dal 80-100kg
    Mull 75-87.5kg
    Lauren 75-85kg
    Jayden 100-110kg
    Ryno 100-120kg
    Aido 130-145kg

    Cliff 130-150kg
    Smokin skills
    Crossfit 100-130kg
    Chase 80-105kg
    Mel.P 80-95kg
    J.F.K 110-130kg
    Larns 90-110kg
    Harro 80-110kg
    Leigha 40-52.5kg
    Les 80-100kg

  2. Off to the airport to collect scott tonight, cant make it in ! went to the gym at lunch – 1km run then i did 3 rounds of 21 pushups, 15 sit-ups and 9 burpees – 7.34, then 1.5km bike.

    see you all tomorrow – 6pm 🙂

  3. Well done to Corina on her first handstand push-up, on fire girl!!

      • Congrats Corina!! Your commitment is clearly paying off!! 🙂

        • Wow soooo good I’m so jealous that is one thing I really want to do !!! Good on you spewin I wasn’t there to see it congratulations

  4. hey Guys, i did my first work out with beck in over two weeks, just got over the man flu and jet lag. so at 7 am here and 5 deg in the wind, we did

    2 km run, very cold
    21 -15 – 9
    squats – push ups – sit ups
    2 km run

    beck off course being a full on nutter through in burpees squats on the last run every now and then while i had a few moments lol

    so that was good to get the first one out of the way. now we will go and climb some mountians

    Rob and Vibeke

  5. Wow!! Go Corina you are amazing well done xox

  6. Awesome work Corina. You’re doing amazing things!!!

  7. yeeeewwww Corina! Awesome to see you do this ya gave me goosebumps chick! xoxoxK

  8. Thankyou soo much everyone for your wonderful comments and support, I really am lovin this crossfit stuff we do!!

  9. Trust me beautiful Corina with a kind and caring ear you make me think there is some hope in my 43 year old frame???Please God Please be listening!!!Corina you rock it girl I think you are awesome!!!! xox Your hubby and girls will be so proud of you for being all you can be xoxo ROCK STAR

  10. Good numbers guys love looking at the results every day!
    Makes me miss the box something terrible. Never fear! I’ll be in coaching again soon.
    Finding my feet at crossfit roar, trying to establish myself as top dog hahahahahha! 😉

    • you’ll do us proud there Lock stock!