WOD Monday 04/07/2016

A) 10mins to get 2-3 July goals up on the board, they must be:
-Specific: To what you’re trying to achieve.
-Realistic: To your own ability.
-Achievable: Within the month of July.

*Please do NOT select or carry June goals over into this month. We ask that you bring your GOALS into the gym with you and put them up on the board on your arrival to save time.

B) In pairs complete the following,

Amrap in 16mins:
8 Handstand push-ups
32 Double unders

-Alternate rounds with your partner.

Post team rounds and reps completed to comments.

2 Comments on “WOD Monday 04/07/2016

  1. A cracking turn out this morning gang, unreal!!

    Welcome back Megzy!!