WOD Monday 05/12/2011

For time:
100 Burpee Pull-ups

(20 minute cut off!!)

Rest 3 minutes then:

3 Attempts to find your 1 Rep Max:
Weighted Pull-up

(5 minute cut off!!)

Post time and heaviest effort to comments.

What do you see??

15 Comments on “WOD Monday 05/12/2011

  1. 5.30am (In order of: WOD/Weighted Pull-up) U= Unassisted
    Megan 15.52 rxd/10kg
    Alan 13.25 rxd/27.5kg
    Courtney 14.55 U/17.5kg
    Kurt.H 11.58 rxd/27.5kg

    Cliff 14.10 rxd/39.5kg
    Cherise 15.36 rxd/20kg
    Chase 19.56 rxd/17.5kg
    Corina 77 reps U/5kg
    Jayden 17.40 rxd/26.5kg
    Adam 16.36 rxd/26.5kg

    Lauren 12.22 rxd/8kg
    Tommy 14.48 rxd/30kg
    Paula 21.30 rxd/8kg
    Beck L 16.23 rxd/9kg
    Rob 14.58 rxd/15kg
    Hayley 13.00/y
    Hulk 16.15 rxd/32kg
    Aido 32.5kg
    Kurt N 18.37 rxd/20kg
    Matty F 16.35/27.5kg
    Lyndal 18.28 rxd/shredded hands
    Mull 19.41 rxd/5kg
    Cal 12.50 rxd/25kg
    Shano C 9.43 rxd
    Chazza 66 reps u/8kg

    Leigha 60/O
    Lou 18.12/R
    Gilli 16.41/Y
    Smokin 17.05 rxd/20kg
    Mel P 150 (mod)/O
    Brenno 93 u/12.5kg
    Lynda 20.00/R
    Larns 64u/U
    Michelle 56 reps
    Tanners 87 u/U
    Katie 17.57/U
    J.F.K. 10.53 rxd/32.5kg
    Harrison 13.40 rxd/10kg (welcome)
    Kazza 11.42 rxd/17.5kg
    Brando 11.48 rxd/40kg

  2. Thank god for the Hindmarsh clan this morning! Where is everyone? At the cherry shop?!

    • The heathfood shop was open Megan I like the choc coated strawberries better

    • Ha ha Megan – I reckon they are scarred of you guys cause ye are all smashing it wooohhhoooo!

  3. Well done this morning Corina, great effort mate!!

    Hearin ya Megan, remember 5.30am is a trial session until the years end, if u wan’t it to stay make sure u support it!!

    Great news, we have reached 20 names on the notice board now for blood donation to support Mim, for those of u whom don’t know Mim or what this is all about be sure to read the flyer on our notice board. If u have any friends or family that would attend and kindly donate, add their names to the list on the noticeboard. I think Crossfit 4551 could pull 50 people together easily!! Mim is truly greatful and overwhelmed by the amount of names already on the board, so lets do what we do best when someone is doing it tough and get behind Mim and support her!!

    Thanks guys!!

  4. Ill give to pints of blood for mim if they would let me. hope everything goes well down Brisbane mim

  5. Sorry can’t make it in tonight and sorry I haven’t been in lately Mick, Life sort of got in the way! I’ll be in for sure tomorrow night, looking forward to getting back into it.

  6. Hey Mick won’t be in tonight have a bit of food poising be back as soon as I can.

    • it’s all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits

  7. What a great night!! Well done guys and a BIG WELCOME back to Lyndal tonight!! Also a big welcome J.F.K’s brother Harrison to the gang!!

  8. wooohooo a PB just shy of 7mins from our last Burpee/Pullup Wod. happy with that!