WOD Monday 06/06/2011 (Day 1 of 25)

Day 1 of 25

Today is the Start of the 25 Day Paleo/Zone challenge, we will be hitting a Benchmark WOD today and at the challenges end. Any ideas on what the WOD will be???

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  1. No matter what it is, its going to kill me! Looking forward to a tough week ahead 🙂

  2. And you two both accuse me of being cranky! You both look damn scary with matching cranky faces!

  3. Hi All, I will be traveling for 10 days so I will not be there to support you, but You can do it :). Have fun, and I expect big results from all of you 🙂

  4. Yes I have a very good idea and think it will be harsh after a week of no training and plenty of eating!

  5. 5.45am
    Shano.G 36.09
    Megan 32.11
    Paul 33.33 rxd

    Mick 5km Row 19.21
    Cliff “Fran” 4.21 rxd (Spewed!!)
    Richo 39.09
    Cherise 29.27 rxd
    Lynda 34.43
    Alli 29.05
    Gayle 19.41 (30’s)
    Aido 23.19 rxd
    John 29.55
    Kurt 32.24
    Corina 34.53
    Shano.C (Spewed!!)
    Chase (Spewed!!)
    Nicole 34.04
    Lock stock 24.55 rxd

    Tommy 33.20
    Charlotte 39.47
    Liv 35.00
    Lyndal 31.01 rxd
    Paula 36.38
    Rob 28.58 rxd
    Nipples (mod)
    Hulk 32.06 rxd
    Sara 35.00 (380 reps)
    Mal 36.33
    Brucey 29.35 rxd

    Gilli 35.05
    Tanners 36.40
    Smokin 28.30
    Alana 36.58
    Mr Crossfit 36.17 rxd
    Lara C/O
    Tim 37.58
    Michelle.D 30.56 (30’s)
    Karen 26.59 rxd

  6. Well guys I won’t see you all for a bit longer as we are sitting at the airport waiting to board the plane for Los Angeles. We will be away for three weeks so I won’t be able to do the 25 day challenge. I hope you are doing another one soon Mick as I will need it by the time I get back. Thinking of you all. Will see you when we get back. Make sure Tamara doesn’t go into labour before we get back. Love Mim.

    • Have a good break Mim. We’ll miss you, especially Mick 😉

    • Mim,

      You are going to have the best time – I am so jealous. You probably wont be challenged to eat good food when you get back because you will be craving it!!! Getting good food in the USA is not very easy, unless you have access to your own cooking facilities. A lot of the hotel we stayed in over there did not even have fridges in the room.

      The place in Las Vegas where I got Khyans converse was a shopping outlet at the airport end of the Vegas strip. You wont walk it as it is a bit far but there are buses that go along the strip that will take you there and a taxi does not cost that much. We got a bus there and a taxi back because we bought so much stuff. You will go crazy as the shopping over there is fantastic and with the dollar being the way it is it will be even better. Mim you will have to pass Las Vegas crossfit to get to the outlet, if you feel like popping in for a workout.

      Take care and have agreat time guys! See you when you get back.

    • Your the man! I have never done Fran before so I am looking forward to it…..

  7. Awesome to see a crackin turnout for the 9.15am. So many people keen and ready to go on Day 1, Pumped!!

  8. day 70 of 84 of my Challenge, its now a life plan instead of a challenge. you guys can do it ! 😉 Smoking Joe, expecting big things from you mate !

  9. Big morning sesh, Im between night shifts so did a 5k run. Have fun, might do it Friday. See ya’s tomorrow at 4


  11. I’m laughing at everyone second guessing themselves, you should of come in at 5:45 and got it over and done with..

    Just to let you know, Nicole almost spewed during the stretching…

    Enjoy all, only 25 days and you get to do it again!!!

  12. I came, I saw, I conquered………

    Thanks Tommy n Smoking for allowing me to take you out

    • Bahahahahahah!! You can take me out anytime Leegan, as long as your paying!! 😉

      • Hahah Jesus I want some of them there drugs that you are taking mate….wooow, and I m with Joe, if your payin I;m comin

  13. Wow huh, that was one hell of a way to come back to reality!! After a 3 week lay off, copious amounts of alcohol and a diet based on “if it tastes good eat it” and putting on 3 kilos in the same period I am stoked to still have knocked 5 minutes off my previous time!! Although I dropped my RXD tag because I really wasn’t happy with my range on the K2E’s!! F#?k’n look out Filthy Fifty, in 25 days I’m gunna make you my Bitch!! Untill then it’s Smokin Zoleo Time!! 😉

    • Im with you there Bro…24 days and counting…..