WOD Monday 07/11/2011

12mins to find 1 Rep Max Clean:

5 Rounds for time:
7 Clean 70kg (50kg)
14 Kettlebell Swings 24kg (16kg)

Post load and time to comments.

13 Comments on “WOD Monday 07/11/2011

  1. Never mind I just watched the video . That wod is Guna suck

  2. 5.45am
    Megan 38.5kg/12.31 (30kg)
    Matty F 90kg
    Carrianne 12kg/11.52
    Rhonda 12kg/8.45 (12kg)
    Stock 75kg/12.02 (50kg)

    Cliffo 80kg/9.28 rxd
    Cherise 57.5kg/9.46 (40kg)
    Kazza 55kg/11.29 (40kg)
    Leigha 12kg/12.40 (6kg)
    Kurt 70kg/11.33 (50kg/16kg)
    Corina 20kg/11.27 (20kg)
    Rob 50kg/11.27 (40kg/24kg)
    Beck L 20kg/10.27 (20kg)
    Chase 60kg/12.20 (40kg)
    Richo 50kg/11.01 (40kg)
    Louise 12kg/12.45 (6kg)
    Bec C 47.5kg/11.41 (mod)

    Livdogs 40kg/14.29 (20kg)
    Paula 27.5kg/9.45 (27.5kg)
    Chazz 50kg/11.12 (30kg)
    Lauren 67.5kg/9.31 (40kg)
    Jaydoss 70kg/12.05 (65kg)
    Brenno 60kg/15.14 (40kg)
    Ryno 65kg/14.57 (50kg)
    Kristen 10.16 (27.5kg)

    Hulk 105kg/13.40 rxd
    Sara 50kg/13.02 (30kg)
    Michelle 47.5kg/12.01 (25kg)
    Gilli 57.5kg/10.50 (35kg)
    Tanners 40kg/9.50 (25kg)
    Shano.C 80kg/12.33 (60kg)
    Tamara 42.5kg/17.24 (30kg)
    Aido 85kg/12.42 (60kg)
    J.F.K 90kg/13.00 (60kg)

  3. They made that look very easy…but we know it is not!!!

    Looking forward to seeing the times today..

  4. Great session this am! Good to get back into it after a relaxing weekend – oh wait, I did do 2 workouts over the weekend and was feeling it this morning – have a great WOD today peeps!

    • That’s all I have 🙂

      And I didn’t want to look like a dock head in the gym
      Bouncing 70kg off the nice gym floor

  5. Me: I’d rather have another baby than do that again!!
    Aido: You’d reather have another baby??!?
    Me: Yep!!
    Aido: Why??
    Me: Atleast there is drugs for that!!

    Thanks Gilli and Sara for pushing me through those last 2 rounds!!

    My everything hurts.