WOD Monday 09/03/2015

If you haven’t been in yet to experience our team tackle the CFGO WODS on Friday night you are missing out! This young lady smashed out 15.2 and put on a show for the crowd, well done Liv!!


Post start and heaviest loads to comments.

9 Comments on “WOD Monday 09/03/2015

  1. This photo is very raw and honest of the give it all attitude and heart this young lady has and her champion dad great photo coach.

  2. Well done to my small morning classes this morn! Technique muchly improved!

    • Shocking turn out you mean Nick, obviously don’t need to work on Oly lifts..

  3. Oly lifts are one of my favorites! Cheers for the tips this morn Mick .
    Liv is a farkin machine on fire!!!!!!

  4. Home wod: I played tennis for an hour tonight.