WOD Monday 09/07/2012

Front Squat

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13 Comments on “WOD Monday 09/07/2012

  1. Congrats sticksy, good to see you settling down! RELATIONSHIP!

  2. Hey 4551rs,

    Just letting you all know that I have decided to take the next 12 weeks off Cf…. Trying to juggle doing 5 subjects, prac teaching, study and work, has left me with no time. Train hard guys :)

    Love Larns xoxo

    • Cheers Larnsy,

      You will be missed mate.

      Good luck with your studies and we look forward to having you back in the near future

      • Aawwwwwww Larns, we will miss you! Good luck with your studies and teaching! See you when you come back ! Xx

  3. 5:30 am
    Cathy 20-37.5
    Megan 35-45
    Alan 60-82.5
    Shano.G 60-80
    Penny 12-20
    Lynne 40-57.5
    Hayley 40-55

    Sue 12-20
    Cliff 90-100
    Karen 40-60
    Mick 90-110
    Pete 70-90
    Bianca 70-100
    Dal 50-70
    Corina 50- 62.5
    Kurt 70-90
    JD 12-30
    Pauly 30
    Chase 60-70
    Lock 70- 82.5

    J.F.K 80-107.5kg
    Harro 60-85kg
    Aido 60-85kg
    Lauren 50-67.5kg
    Grant 65-75kg
    Rob 60kg
    Beck 40-55kg
    Justin 120-130kg
    Alli 45-60kg
    Mull 50-65kg
    Mel.P 55-70kg
    Ryno 60-70kg
    Flick 20-35kg
    Tanners 35-45kg
    Gilli 40-65kg

    Tobes 70-80kg
    Babs 30-62.5kg
    Liz 30-55kg

    • Great to see a couple of legends back in the box today in Pauly.G and J.D.

      Awesome to have you back guys!!

      • Thanks mate,Good to be Finally back…This is gunna hurt..

  4. Good Luck Larns with everything, see you again soon hon, Take care of you and Brenno till we see you both again….

  5. Hey Larns we will still see ya around for sure – hit those exams well girl. Take care!

  6. Thankyou heaps Locky for your coaching and your encouragement I appreciate it!! Welcome back to John and Paul awesome doing the WOD today with you guys!!

    • Always a pleasure sue! I look forward to getting back in coaching soon.
      Great seeing Pauly G and JD back in!