WOD Monday 10/09/2012


4 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
40 Pull-ups
70 Push-ups

Post time to comments.

U.S. Army Master Sergeant Jared N. Van Aalst, 34, of Laconia, New Hampshire, assigned to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, died August 4, 2010, in Kunduz province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered while his unit was conducting combat operations. He is survived by his wife, Katie Van Aalst, his daughters Kaylie and Ava, and a posthumous son, Hugh Jared.

23 Comments on “WOD Monday 10/09/2012

  1. Each person will be able to choose how many rounds/reps they do for this along with any other scaling required. We understand it is a lot of reps so each person should be sensible and work to a capacity within their own limits. If you are not sure what that is don’t hesitate to ask the head coach taking the session. We want you to be able to back up on the Tuesday as per norm with the daily WOD. So be smart about it!!

    Oh and plenty of mobility afterwards guys 😉

    • Jared died to help make the world a safer place and to do the best for his beautiful family.!!!! So I will try the best I can to honour him!! Next time Jared hopefully no bands!!! But this time with my purple band my hand covers and on my knees for pushups but I wont give in and I will give my best after all Im lucky I’m still here with my family. Feel no pain!!! Mick I will give it my all!!

  2. Onya Sue, love the respect and attitude champ!! It’s so easy to get caught up in the repetition/weight/rounds and forget the reason for and history behind a HERO WOD. To see hear and understand what these guys give which is sometimes their lives should drive people into the gym to want to pay respects for the WOD. The sad fact is that there will be many more new hero WODS, on the positive side we follow the main site (Crossfit HQ programming) which gives us all at CF 4551 opportunity to pay our respects.

  3. Saw this article on the new crossfit community website…it is so funny and reminded me of my first session 2 years ago…

    My first encounter with CrossFit was about two years ago. It was dramatic and ugly, and it changed my naive self-image of being in shape.

    I had just gotten off work and was on my way to the gym for yet another one of my slow-pace, lifting-heavy workout sessions. In the staff area, one of my colleagues was preparing a workout he called “300”:

    25 burpees
    50 kettlebell front squats
    50 kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls
    50 push-ups
    50 American sit-ups
    50 kettlebell clean and jerks
    25 burpees

    Most of it meant nothing to me at the time, but I knew what a push-up was and that I easily could do 50 of them in less than a minute. So I decided to tag along for what I considered a light workout that would give me a chance to regain my strength for my next gym session.

    Thirteen burpees later, I was in complete shock. My heart was racing, my lactic-acid levels were off the charts, my tongue was hanging out of my mouth, and I felt like throwing up. I thought, “What the hell is happening?” “I can’t finish this workout,” and “I’m going to throw up and pass out.” I believed all these thoughts; subsequently my emotional state was affected.

    I was terrified, stressed and anxious. Of course, that didn’t help much. Because I was in a group, quitting wasn’t an option; had I been by myself, I instantly would have quit and comforted myself with a high-sugar protein drink and a call to my girlfriend. But I saw the damn thing through in a near-death experience of 18:40. Then I crawled into the fetal position, where I stayed for another 10 minutes.

    My ego was bruised. How could I consider myself fit when I couldn’t handle a workout like that? I decided to change my ways and have since followed a CrossFit regimen that has done wonders for my physique. Interestingly enough, there has been a side effect to my changed exercise routine, as well. CrossFit—in combination with techniques I learned while studying to become a psychologist at Stockholm University—has developed mental toughness.

    • Sorry Smokin! No dis respect!I thought you were good with words!!! But lookout theres a Dr in the house!!!! Tommy you are an amazing athlete and a bloody nice fellow now I know why you have such a big heart!!!! Onya 4551sssss Thankyou for sharing Tommy!!

      • Thanks Sue…I laughed my head off when I read this so I thought it would bring a smile to everyone…we all went through the same thing…

  4. That was awesome this morning, it’s great to chip away at some of these massive workouts that I couldn’t even think about a few months ago. Thanks Locky and Megan 🙂 Amazing job by Tommy to RXD this!! Great to watch!!

  5. 5:30 am
    Alan 10:40 2 rnds half
    Shano. G 33:30 half
    Penny 24:50 half
    Lynne 22:26 half
    Tommy 40:41 rxd
    Lisa 26:50 half
    Smokin 28:03 half
    Megan 14:28 2 rnds half
    Stock 39:34 rxd

    9:15 am
    Ben 20:30 2 rnds half (welcome)
    Sue 36:42
    Ryno 37:42 rxd
    Karen 25:23 (mod)
    JUNK DAVIS 44:48 rxd
    Mel.P 32:38 half
    Kurt 47:05 3 rnds
    Bulldog 49:43 half
    Pauly.G 36:19
    Mitch 25:45 2 rds half

    Simmo 24.10 (mod)
    Livdogs 25.17 (mod)
    Chazza 21.44 (mod)
    Chase 26.04 2rds
    Dal 28.15 (mod)
    Hayley 25.50 (mod)
    Rob 18.26 (mod)
    Beck 26.10 (mod)
    Mel.P 23.25 (mod)
    Kurt.H 37.29 rxd
    J.F.K 17.01 (2rds)
    Harro 51.06 rxd
    Flick 31.05 (mod)
    Paula 36.17 (2rds)
    Toby ?? 2rds

    Alli 22.42 (mod)
    Lauren 22.36 (mod)
    Keiffy 22.33 (mod)
    Gilli 26.06 (mod)
    Corina 26.35 (mod)
    Randy 24.07

  6. What a pumping morning! Let’s see how the arvo crew goes 😉

    • Thankyou heaps Locky certainly pumping!!!! WOD And welcome Ben!!!!!

  7. Pumped for this one. RIP Jared. It’s hard for people to truly understand what these men and there family’s go through in times of war. Despite our personal opinions of what people see as right and wrong these men die with the best intentions for the safer future for generations to come.

  8. Just wanted to give a Shoutout to the 5:30 am Crew. Crossfit can be gruelling enough at the best of times but to hit a tough Wod at the crack of dawn is a whole different ball game. I am a 6pmer from way back and my body clock likes it that way but Crossfit is about constantly varying your routine. I encourage everyone whom is able to do a Dawn Wod to give it a shot and even throw it in every once in a while to shake up your training routine, believe me it’s a whole different training experience!! To Meggsy, you did an Awesome job of running us through the briefing and your continued support and guidance throughout the Wod was first rate!! Lockstock, always a pleasure to train under ya mate. Your a chip off Mick’s block. To Alan, the way you got Tommy through that RXD was commendable, and getting me off the canvas at the end of the Wod to “walk it off” was a nice touch. To all the Early Birds, it was great to see how enthusiastic Crossfitters can be even at that time of day, Cheers to you all!! It certainly won’t be the last time I train with you guys. 4551 for all and all for 4551!!

    • You are certainly gifted with the english language. Fantastic comment will take on board. Likewise with the 9.15 crew!!! Can’t tell you just how fantasic/epic it is you will just have to come get some!!!!Cheers Smokin

    • Your the man Joe….Nice to see you back and especially at 5.30am. Cheers Alan it was tough on that last round and you and the other guys really helped to keep me going…Tough WOD well done to everyone….

    • Thanks Smokin. It’s always a pleasure to have night-owls to the early session 🙂 There are a lot of people that I say g’day to when I leave work, and I never get to train with them. I’m looking forward to doing a couple of night sessions each week so I can catch up with everyone. The 5.30am sesh isn’t as bad when it’s not as cold and dark, either. Well done to everyone on your efforts today. What a great family to train with.

    • Cheers joe! Great to see you in mate. Come summer it’ll e the sesh to be at!

  9. Down at goldy for work with Callan, did WOD in hotel gym it even had a massive mira haha. 10 to 1 burbees and squats, 4 sets of 15kg dumbbell clean and jerks 1 min rest between sets followed by 4rounds max rep handstand pushups.

  10. Tried to do todays hero wod.. Had no pullup bar so did squats instead… Made it through 3 rounds…(36.03)
    I think myself lucky there was no pull up bar…Huge pat on the back to all that rxd this…

  11. Yeah did this one in the Belvista Park myself. Well done to the rxd gang, i bet feeling like Cliff looks “HUGE”!!

    Also a shout out to Stevo flying solo and the two scaffolders down on the Goldy, great to see you boys making no excuses and getting it done even if it is modified.

    Well done to all!!

    • Well done to everyone who came in and gave it their all today! Some commendable efforts today. You all should be proud of the effort exerted today!

  12. I’m on school camp at the Gold Coast, up a freaking big mountain, for the week. Went for a 25min run (jog!), no idea what distance, further up the mountain and then back down, then did 5 rounds of 5 burpees, 10 pushups, 15 squats. Amazing how much harder it is to breath while running this high up! Even more unpleasant than usual!