WOD Monday 10/1/2011

Press 1-1-1-1
Push Press 3-3-3-3
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5

(Increment through all sets. Complete all Press, then Push Press and then all Push Jerk.)

Post load to comments.

Happy 30th Birthday Cyn!!

12 Comments on “WOD Monday 10/1/2011

  1. Soooo looking forward to kick starting this week. Just read posts for Saturday and thanks for the welcome back guys. Glad I did the WOD on Sat and feeling it this morning, every muscle aches ha ha. I slept for Ireland yesterday so can safely say I’ve pretty much caught up on Jet Lag, I think! – mind you I’m up since 2am this morning so maybe not sorted out my times just yet. Can’t wait to get into the challenge and working out with all.

  2. 5.45am
    Louise 10/12.5/12.5kg (DB-uni)
    Lauren 37.5/47.5/47.5kg
    Jayden 50/60/60kg
    Mim 35/41/38.5kg

    8am .com
    Weighted Pull-up

    Mick 57.5kg (Belt clip broke at 60kg)
    Cliff 40kg

    Paul 38.5/42.5/42.5kg
    Nicole 8kg DB across
    Trina 45/55/57.5kg
    Lynda 22.5/38.5/45kg
    Ryno 35/45/45kg
    Karen 10/17.5/17.5kg (DB-uni)

    Nipples ?
    Dale 60/75/70
    Amanda 40/40/32.5
    Matt 60/80/70
    Lachlan 37.5
    Brucey 50/75/65

    Lara 32.5/32.5/31
    Gillian 32.5/42.5/42.5
    Chrisso 60/65/60
    Jodie 6/9/8 (db)
    Tanya 32.5/40/36
    Joe 52.5/67.5/70
    Lyndal 50/62.5/72.5
    Mel 30/45/45
    Angie 27.5/32.5/?
    Lock Stock 57.5/65/60
    Blakey 55/60/60
    Alana 42.5/55/52.5
    Shano pullups 37/ ringdips 49
    Aido 52.5/60/65
    Rob 55/62.5/60

  3. Day 1 of 25 for the challenge, make sure u are all prepared and ready for the next 25 days, Good luck all!!

  4. r the books ready mick? can i grab mine at 9am please ?? so i can read it today as work is closed… 🙂 ill be in at 6pm

  5. Be in tonight if roads allow it.
    Lovn the weather 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday Cyn!
    Had a great time on satuday night mate, thank you!

  7. happy birthday Cyn thanks for Sat night it was heaps of fun… Great to finally meet u lol