WOD Monday 11/01/2015

A) 20mins to find your 2RM:
Front squat

-From the racks.

B) In teams complete the following,

Amrap in 10mins:
Front squat

-From the racks.
-Score= total team load (kg).

Every time bar is racked perform 5 burpees.

Post loads and total team load to comments.



2 Comments on “WOD Monday 11/01/2015

  1. Did a mod version of Friday’s WOD in the shed once I got home.
    3 rounds for time…
    10 Front squats 20kg
    40 KB swings 16kg
    70 DUs

    • Great to see a lot of people back into the swing of things today, remember to set some goals and get yourself fired up for 2016 🙂