WOD Monday 11/07/2011


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Happy Birthday Mel!!

18 Comments on “WOD Monday 11/07/2011

  1. Happy Birthday Mel – hope you had a great weekend and have a very special day

  2. Happy birthday Melly. Enjoy your first day back at work.

  3. Happy Birthday Mel. Have an excellent day !!

  4. Happy Birthday Mull, glad u had a great weekend and hope you have an even better day today xx

  5. Happy birthday Mel!! All the best women are born in July!! Have a great day.

  6. 5.45am
    Mull skills
    Lauren 45-60kg
    Shano.G 50-75kg

    Ryno 50-62.5kg
    Oxana 20kg
    Chase 20kg
    Cyn 20-30kg
    Paul 55-70kg
    Kazz 40-52.5kg
    Richo 50-67.5kg
    Aimee skills
    Bec.C 40-55kg

    Tommy 70-85kg
    Paula 35-45kg
    Chazz 35-52.5kg
    Liv 25-40kg
    Brucey 70-87.5kg
    Rob 45-65kg
    Adam 20-50kg
    Cliff 75-100kg
    Kurt 45-70kg
    Corina Tech
    Dale 75-100kg
    Lynda 40-55kg
    Mull 40-57.5kg
    Rynos skills

    Tanners 35-50kg
    Gill 35-55kg
    Shano.C 55-70kg
    Smokin 70-95kg
    Brendan Tech
    Aido 65-85kg

  7. Happy birthday Mel, have fun and enjoy 🙂

  8. Happy birthday Mel. Have an awesome day!!

    Thanks Mick and Shano for the encouragement this morning. Gotta be happy with a 5kg PB 😀

  9. Happy Birthday Mel 🙂
    hope you have a great dayy 🙂
    see you tonight?

  10. Yeah Mull,

    hope your havin a great day, thanks for unravelling all the ropes this morning mate,