WOD Monday 13/04/2015

“Buddy DT”

Pair up and complete the following,

10rds for time of:
12 Deadlifts, 70kg (50kg)
9 Hang power cleans, 70kg (50kg)
6 Push jerk, 70kg (50kg)

-Can be completed individually (5rds)
-Complete a full round then tag buddy in, continue sequence.
-One bar, one load per team.

Post load and time to comments.





3 Comments on “WOD Monday 13/04/2015

  1. F*&^ing Awesome video. CrossFit is not too big in the UK yet but this is fantastic and shows what can be achieved. Leeds is only 1hr from Bolton and there are more people in Bolton than the whole of the Sunshine Coast so there needs to be a CF box in Bolton ASAP. (Sam Briggs is from the same area but no one really knows her…its crazy)….Better get the Lohan family to kick start a Box in Bolton…

  2. Was awesome to have Merv back in the box tonight!!