WOD Monday 14/01/2013

For time:
50 Medicine ball cleans, 10kg (6kg)
15 foot Rope climb, 5 ascents
40 Medicine ball cleans
15 foot Rope climb, 4 ascents
30 Medicine ball cleans
15 foot Rope climb, 3 ascents
20 Medicine ball cleans
15 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents
10 Medicine ball cleans
15 foot Rope climb, 1 ascent

Post load and time to comments.

Smokin getting it done!!

28 Comments on “WOD Monday 14/01/2013

  1. Guys was just wondering if anyone has seen the 2 mobility bands around by any chance, I know a few people own their own now and was wondering if you guys were able to check to see if you may have accidentally taken them thinking they were your own. They have the words “mobility wod” written in white print, they are usually hanging up with the pull-up bands. Cheers

  2. Hi Mick checked my bands I have my name on mine!! This wod ahhhhhhh!! Fun:) What would Clifford say ?k wall balls!!!!!!

  3. H0ME WOD. went camping up double island this weekend so missed the weekend wods. sunday arvo done split jerks and cleans.

  4. 5.30 am
    Megzi 21.10 rxd
    Alan 17.37 rxd
    Shano C 19.09 rxd
    Martin 33.58 (5kg)
    Paul R 23.30 (5kg) mod
    Greg 26.00 rxd
    Lynne 28.18 (5kg)
    Lisa 29.20 (5kg)
    Livdogs 29.20 rxd
    Paula 33.29 rxd
    Tommy 18.16 rxd
    Chazza 26.50 (3kg) mod
    Carlie 27.26 (5kg)
    Cathy 25.03 (3kg)
    Mel P 21.23 rxd
    Matty F 24.43 rxd
    Corey 22.44 rxd

    Mick 14.09 rxd
    Justin 20.27 rxd
    Cliffo 24.00 rxd
    Jen.K 27.27 (5kg)
    Sue 27.38 (3kg)
    Jayden 30.17 ??
    Bryce 22.21 (6kg)
    Ryno 15.56 rxd
    Sarah 29.57 (5kg)
    Ellen 34.10 (5kg)
    Paul.G 27.23 rxd
    Richo 19.48 (6kg) mod
    Stevo 29.20 rxd
    Mull 31.18 (6kg)

    Wog 14.50 rxd
    Dal 27.59 rxd
    Jacob 15.55 (mod)
    Lock 9.32 (mod)
    Lozza 19.57 rxd
    Simmo 14.36 rxd
    Mitchy 31.42 rxd
    Macdaddy 22.50 rxd
    Hulk 16.19 rxd

    Tracy 20.32 (3)
    Gilli 20.13 (5)
    Bianca 19.31 rxd
    Pete 21.28 rxd
    Brucey 28.24 rxd
    Smokin 26.18 rxd
    Hayles 25.06 rxd
    Rach 33.21 rxd
    J.F.K 21.06 rxd
    Harro 19.56 rxd
    Pitas 11.30 (5)
    Corina 24.12 rxd
    Larnsy 14.14 (5)
    Jenny.B 32.26 rxd
    Aido 13.43 rxd
    Michelle 18.02 (5)

  5. My biceps are blooooown out big time, I feel like curling up in a ball

    • Haha well done Corey, I bet your bicep curls never gave u a burn like that 😉

  6. Unfortuately had to settle for the backyard again today:

    50 “house brick” cleans
    25 ring rows on swing set

    Same decending progression as WOD, down to 10 cleans and 5 rows.

    About 25 minutes.

  7. Great WOD this morning guys and a great atmosphere. Some great performances all round but a quick mention to Martin and Paula for great efforts….

    • Thanks guys. I think I spent most of the 3rd round trying to figure out if I could make myself throw up or pass out so I could stop. Next time how about we do something easier like 1000 burpees, ok?

      • Haha aaaaaaah mate, just remember there is only one option and that’s to never give up!!! Well done mate 😉

      • You’d better pass out, coz throwing up won’t get you out of it… If it were that easy I’d be chucking my guys up every session!

  8. Um… I think I have hurt my leg. Yeah no, I have really hurt my leg. Guess that takes care of this WOD then!! 😀

  9. Or was it my hand? ahh.. it was both! Now that really takes care of this WOD! bahaha

  10. Found your bands Mick, Tommy pinched them. I will bring them in tomorrow.

    Thanks for this morning so glad I didn’t give up.

  11. Awesome to see our girls getting up the rope in the 6pm session…. Very cool to watch!!

  12. Great evening sesh! Congrats to the girls who rxd!
    Everyone’s efforts in the box tonight were great regardless of scaling or modification!!

  13. What a wicked, bad ass workout to return to!! Thanks to all for getting me through to the end, the support was amazing 🙂

    • agreed Jen, support was epic! Many thanks to everyone who helped create the best team support ever!! P.s. Great stuff jen, you were awesome!

  14. Work gets in the way again. Went to the gym tonight

    Warm up: 2km row + warm up to weight

    WOD:back squat x10 (50kg)
    Push up x10 (off flat bench)
    One arm Bent over row x10 with each arm (22kg dumbbell)

    4 rounds
    9min 20sec