WOD Monday 16/07/2012


For time:
Row 750m
Bike 20km
Run 5km

Post time to comments.

7 Comments on “WOD Monday 16/07/2012

  1. The ridiculous moment when you’ve done a 750m row, 20km ride and 5km run and you go home for a hot shower to warm up! Stupid weather! Glad we don’t live somewhere that is actually cold!

  2. Wow that was amazing!What a way to see the sun come up lol. That was one way to tell that all this early morn work is paying off I DIDNT DIE!!!! 🙂

  3. Congrats everyone on awesome times this morning congrats to Jenny you did fantastic.
    Who would have thought in 12 weeks of crossfit I have done 3 5km runs including my first ever triathon !!! Considering before that I had never done a 1k run. Thanks for the inspiration Mick and crossfit 4551 you guys are amazing!!!!!!!

  4. 5am
    Megan 1.14.44 rxd
    Alan 1.08.40 rxd
    Shano.G 1.22.18 rxd
    Harro 1.16.08 rxd
    Mel.P 1.30.58 rxd
    Dal 1.23.16 rxd
    Mull 1.37.19 rxd
    Kurt.N 1.14.35 rxd
    Cathy 57.10
    Lynne 1.08.25
    Shano.C 1.28.26 rxd
    Penny 13.28 (mod)
    Lisa 59.20

    Bianca 1.06.17 rxd
    Flick 1.47.02 rxd
    Mick 1.07.06 rxd
    Karen 1.23.23 rxd
    Sue 1.54.00 rxd
    Cliff 1.34.18 rxd
    Alli 1.34.10 rxd
    Richo 1.25.34 rxd
    Corina 1.37.29 rxd
    Jenny 1.56.44 rxd

    Simon 1.07.43 rxd
    Jayden 1.22.07 rxd
    Lauren 1.23.18 rxd
    Chase 1.18.54 rxd
    Hayley 37.11 (mod)
    Suz 1.23.40 rxd
    Stu 1.18.25 rxd
    Rob 1.24.17 rxd
    Grant 1.13.00 rxd
    Tommy 39.44 (mod)
    Kurt H 1.06.45 rxd
    Tobes 1.39.20 rxd
    Kurt D 1.07.10 rxd
    Beck 1.25.02 rxd
    Issy 1.18.06 rxd
    Fiona 1.32.27 rxd
    Bezza 1.32.38 rxd
    Tanners 1.20.58 rxd
    Babs 1.35.44 rxd

  5. A great turnout this morning guys, great to see people getting behind .com programming. Can see how much of a difference it is starting to make for the guys who are consistent. A couple of special mentions to Sue and Jenny this morning who came in with the right mindset to complete the full WOD and didn’t give up!! Awesome!