WOD Monday 17/10/2011

Overhead Squat

Post load to comments.

Happy Birthday Kristen!!

15 Comments on “WOD Monday 17/10/2011

  1. Happy Birthday Kristen, hope you have a fantastic day 🙂

  2. Hey crazy Kristen wishing u a very special day today and trusting you will share many many more birthdays with your CrossFit family – have a WOD’ing Happy Birthday… X K

  3. 5.45am
    Lauren 35-45kg
    Megan 25-35kg
    Alan 25-30kg
    Leigha 6-20kg
    Rhonda 6kg across

    Chazza 30-42.5kg
    Paula 20-30kg
    Kazza skills
    Cherise 35-50kg
    Brenno 30kg across
    Chase 30-40kg
    Louise Tech
    Matty.F 50-65kg
    Nick.Z 50-75kg

    Rob 30-45kg
    Beck.L 20kg across
    Tommy 45-55kg
    Stocko 40-60kg
    Cliffo 50-62.5kg
    Gill 25-40kg
    Ryno Tech
    Liv 25-35kg

    Babs 22.5-40kg
    Tanners 22.5-30kg
    Smoke 40-60kg (5km Run)
    JFK 40-55kg
    Dale 40-60kg
    Kazza 22.5-32.5kg
    Call 40-60kg

  4. Happy birthday, see you all Thursday. We are off to inskip

  5. Happy Birthday Kristen, hope you have a fab day ! xo

  6. Happy Birthday Kristen, hope u are havin a great time in Victoria!!

    Well done to the morning crews this morning, great to see some people attacking some new skills and drills!!

  7. Hope you had an awesome birthday day Kristen and have some fun plans in motion for tonight!! 🙂

  8. Shit Mick, I don’t think I wrote down my weight on board I was that frigging excited ha ha.

    22.5kg – 32.5kg

  9. Thanks to the beautiful Crossfit crew 4551 there’s no other place I’d rather be but someone has to taste test the best restaurants in Melbourne!! I know Mick it’s not good but Its my birthday!!!!! See you all Thursday thanks again for the lovely wishes!! X