WOD Monday 17/12/2012

Back Squat

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6 Comments on “WOD Monday 17/12/2012

  1. 5.30am
    Alan 70kg across
    Lisa 25-42.5kg
    Lynne 55-67.5kg
    Carlie 27.5-57.5kg
    Ellen 20-45kg
    Hayley Tech
    Corey 100-135kg

    Mick skills
    Sue 37.5-60kg
    Davis 70-100kg
    Ryno 60-95kg
    Livdogs 50-72.5kg
    Chazza 50-67.5kg
    Richo 60-95kg
    Bianca 97.5-112.5kg
    Mel.P 70-92.5kg

    Wog 90kg across
    Jacob 20-40kg
    Shano.C 70-87.5kg
    Lockstock skills
    Stu 97.5-120kg
    Hulk 100-120kg
    Chase 70-87.5kg
    Brucey 80-100kg
    Paula 40-72.5kg
    Tommy 100kg across
    Simmo 77.5-100kg
    Mull 40-72.5kg
    Dal 50-95kg
    Jenni.P 20-37.5kg

    Corina 62.5-75kg
    Tamara 30-50kg
    Sarah 20kg across
    Ben 75-100kg
    Gill 65-82.5kg
    Rachel 20-50kg
    J.F.K 80-115kg
    Harro ??
    Pete 87.5-112.5kg

  2. Sorry I had to go Bianca would have loved to watch that girl power in action!!! That is just awesome and what ever Cliff would say!!!!Totally fantastic!!!:)

  3. Thanks so much Corina and Gilli for the encouragement and thanks Lock for all your help tonight!! 🙂 stoked to have got those claw grips on my pull ups!!

    • More than welcome Tamara! You did an excellent job!
      Everyone’s squats looked great tonight guys you should all be happy!

  4. Thanks Heaps too Tamara, I was thinking as I was watching you tonight,Wow! look at her go 9 weeks after having a bub and doing 50k backsquat and then… you did your pullups Awesome stuff hon Whoo Hoo!!!