WOD Monday 19/12/2011

Thruster 42.5kg (30kg)



“Heavy Fran”
Thrusters 60kg (42.5kg)
Weighted Pull-ups (20kg) 12.5kg


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  2. Aw crap, Lyndal is gonna think she is the greatest thing to walk the earth! She only said yesterday “I bet Fran comes up again soon!” Just so you know Lyndal, this is the only acknowledgement you’ll be getting for being right.

  3. Scotty T ya coulda warned us if ya felt this in ur waters ha ha ha or is ur waters being used to protect ur baby – bet ur pumped for this one!

    Bring on the Jelly Beans !!!

    • I knew it, I knew it!! I was just thinking Cos it’s our last week of the year and Fran is due! I bloody knew it!!

  4. What an awesome bunch to train with this morning. Excellent pb’s by everyone, and Lozza with a sub 4min! Smashed it!!!

  5. 5.30am
    Scotty.T 8.51 rxd
    Lauren 3.53 rxd
    Alan 6.25 rxd
    Megan 8.09 rxd
    Rhonda 7.13 (12kg)
    Matty.F 5.46 rxd

    Randy 12.09 (30kg)
    Kurt.H 7.16 rxd
    Mul 9.47 rxd
    Ali 7.52 rxd
    Kazz 7.04 rxd
    Cliffnutts 10.34 rxd “Heavy Fran”
    Chase 6.20 (30kg)
    Lynda 6.28 (30kg)

    Ryno 6.42 rxd
    Leigha 5.14 (12kg)
    Larns 8.11 (30kg)
    Adam 6.00 rxd
    Brucey 9.18 rxd
    Hayley 6.14 (20kg)
    Dale 4.55 rxd
    Matt.R 9.26 (12kg) Welcome
    Cal 4.42 rxd

    Lock Stock 5.55 rxd
    Aido 17.18 rxd “Heavy Fran”
    Tommy 5.11 rxd
    Gilli 8.39 (30kg)
    Lou 9.23 (12kg)
    Paula 7.50 rxd
    Kurt 8.21 rxd
    Corina 12.49 (25kg)
    Mel.P 11.52 (20kg)
    J.F.K 4.13 rxd
    Harry 10.34 (30kg)
    Tanners 7.30 (25kg)
    Matty.Mac 8.40 rxd
    Shano 7.41 rxd
    Chazza 12.04 rxd
    Rory 12.15 rxd “Heavy Fran”

    • For my own pride.. I did the first 21 thrusters with 25kgs 🙂

      • Now I think about it… Going down in weight is nothing to be proud of :/

  6. What a great start to the day! Firstly Lauren going sub 4 is incredible, Megan and Alan first time rxd for Fran, well done! And the Big Dogs Scotty and Matty.F, PB’s for both of ya congrats! Well done to Rhonda on her improvements!!

    • Top morning! Top start to the week! onya Megan and Alan with an RXD. Great to see Lauren sub 4 and did it easy.

  7. oh shit….feelin that Red wine now, very poor timing from Mr. Lohan ..and FRAN to look forward to…whats the cut off time Mick 🙂

    • It will have to be 4mins cause I got Sticky Aido breathing down my neck by a second…

  8. Thank god I have a staff meeting and work Christmas party tonight!

    • Bahahaha Lara too funny! I remember u were my counter last time.
      Cheers Mel for getting me through this am. You did awesome.

      Friggen smokinnnnnngggggg time Lauren – u Rock!

  9. Guys going to Goldy.. I rang Seaworld and spoke to the Group bookings, There are still rooms available but to get the discounted price you must fill out they form available on the tour.crossfit website and email it back to them. They only have resort rooms available so they sleep 4 people. Get on it people……!!!

    • So Larns, is everyone going to stay at Seaworld?

      If so is everyone going to organise who they are sharing with etc

      • Hey Michelle, I cant speak for everyone, but it would be awsome if we could all stay together, Maybe we could write our name on the notice board in the box if you are going and wanna stay at seaworld and maybe people can organise their own groups from the names on the board?????

        What are peoples thoughts?

        • Yeah sounds like a plan. If I go it will be just me as Trev is working. I have had a look at other accommodation around Main beach and it is no cheaper than the discount price at Seaworld – the only benefit of another apartment as opposed to Seaworld is you can get a 2 bedroom apartment, that includes a lounge, kitchen etc which would give you a bit more privacy and a lot more room than all being in the one room together.

          • Dont worry Michelle, you can stay with me ;). Yes very true about the 2 bedroom. I just think it will be easier, with the brunches and buffet breaky and seminars to be staying at seaworld. Let alone the eye candy that will also be staying at that hotel.

  10. Hurro…

    OK so I have wrote up accomodation details on the notice white board in the box! Please write up your names if your keen on sharing (we have 18 names already) and organise a group of 4 off that list.

    Once you have your 4 peeps (doesnt have to be 4, its just cheaper if you do) go to http://media.crossfit.com/tour/CFTour2012_Event01_RoomRequestForm.pdf and fill out the form and email it back to them.

    Can you either cross off your name or put a tick next to it if you have organised your group so people know.

    Dont leave it too late, the lady said there are only a certain amount reserved at the discounted price!

    Make sure you have registered before you go booking accomodation.

    Woooooo 4551 COME GET SOME!!!!

    Love Larns

  11. Cheers Lauren, didnt get to say thanks and goodbye tonight.. Fran gets tougher everytime. Thanks for getting me through it Ryno!

  12. Great efforts by all today. Some awesome improvements and PB’s! Keep up the hard training guys only a few more days till Xmas 🙂

  13. Sorry i misseddd ittt!!
    couldn’t get picked up on time. xx