WOD Monday 20/06/2011 (day 15 of 25)


Two rounds for time:

200 Double-unders
60kg Overhead squat, 50 reps (40kg)
50 Pull-ups
Run 1.6km

Post load and time to comments.

U.S. Marine Corps Captain Brandon “Bull” Barrett, 27, of Marion, IN, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, based out of Camp Lejeune, NC, was killed on May 5, 2010, while supporting combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

He is survived by his parents Cindy and Brett Barrett, his sisters Ashley and Taylor Barrett, his brother Brock Barrett, and his grandmother Carmen Johnson.

35 Comments on “WOD Monday 20/06/2011 (day 15 of 25)

  1. 5.45am
    Lauren 1.02.36 (25kg)
    Shano.G 1.07.13 (35kg)
    Megan 53.43 (20kg)

    Paul 46.05 (25kg)
    Cherise 1.03.54 rxd
    Lockstock 56.38 (40kg)
    Lynda 57.46 (20kg) mod
    Amy 36.45 (6kg) mod

    Nick 1.27.23 rxd
    Aido 1.27.22 rxd
    Shaun 1.20.25 (40kg)
    Brucey 1.03.38 (30kg)
    Pablo 48.05 (20kg)
    Charlotte 46.08 (25kg)
    Paula 1.01.03 (20kg)
    Liv 1.25.10 (20kg)
    Ryno 41.20 (20kg)
    Scotty.T 1.16.34 (30kg)
    Bek.L 46.06 (25kg)
    Dan 1.05 (20kg)
    Lloy 34.26 (6kg) mod
    Lahnee 33.59 (6kg) mod
    Tash 32.52 (Dowel) mod

    Tommy 1.01.25 (40kg)
    Alberto 1.03.46 (20kg)
    Kazz 57.25 (30kg Front Squat)
    Lee 1.07.50 (30kg) mod
    Scotty.E 1.03.53 (30kg)
    Larns 1.10.26 (20kg)

  2. Farrrrrk!! Woulda loved to do this again!! However my faces new face needs some medical attention so I won’t make it in. 🙁 Stupid outlandish dance move!! Will hope to catch you all on Tuesday. Remember a true Crossfitter takes the “Bull” by the horns!! Smash it guys if not for yourselves, for you fallen compatriot, Smokin “Collagen Lips” Joe!! 😉

  3. Hey guys,

    If possible would be great if u could all get in a little earlier for any Triggering/Mobility or any extended warmup u may want to do due to the length of the session!!

    • Mick, can me and aidan come in at about 4 so we can start a little earlier, rxd might take us around 90 mins hopefully ahaha

    • ha ha Scotty T – would loved to see look on your face when you noticed that ha ha ha.

  4. Suck it up everyone and dont cherry pick! tough one, We are expecting BIG things out of Mr Crossfit! hope your ok Joe!

  5. This IS a big one….looking forward to it.

    Heard about the acrobatics Joe..from all accounts it was a fantastic spectacle..sorry I missed it 🙂

    • Thanks Rob and Tommy!! Must admit I am feeling a little sorry for myself. The Joe Show had a little choreography malfunction!! Not sure what possessed me to attempt such a crazy dance move!! Floor Slide to Triple Push Up to Jump Squat to Back Flip?? WTF!! Who does that?!! Ohh yeah, Drunk Smokin!! Would like to thank Karen and Shano for there swift medical assistance at the time, and Albert for his very cool sense of ironic humour!! I will bounce back soon, and I use that term loosely, untill then the Joe Show is officially off the road… 😉

      • Maybe down but the “Smokin” is never out….probably a good thing i wasn’t there else I could be in the same or even worst state….I am sure I would have given it a crack too

  6. WhataWOD! It is a ripper! And even though you don’t think it will…it does finally end! Smash it guys!

    • Well done Cherise…its already been a long day just thinking about this WOD..

  7. If anyone wants to come in 4.30pm to warmup ready to start at 5pm, come on in!!

  8. Yep, traded this one in for 3 hours surfing instead 😉 cherry picked it guys, the surf was to good to resist ! 🙂

  9. rob whiting, how can you talk it up then cherry pick, thats a joke dude, extrememly disappointed about that

      • Rob Rob Rob……What happened? your Mrs brought in a letter to say you weren’t coming in!

      • Yeah dude surf wasn’t that great and okay I will watch you do it tomorrow cherry

      • Swell size: 1-2ft SE
        Another perfect winters day but the SE swell is very small at around 1ft swell along the open stretches and just a touch bigger in the south facing corners at up to 2ft. The wind is light W early and is predicted to go WNW later. Try A Bay, Sunshine To Peregian, North Shore and from Kawana to Wyrtulla for some very small ones on the incoming tide this morning. Check the latest Coastalwatch swell forecast.

    • Could not agree more nicholas, cherry picking is just soft
      p.s call me the matador cause i tamed that bull

  10. p.s very pissed off about this shoulder but happy i dug in to finish off
    am completely shattered now, just sat in the shower for half an hour, now i dont have to shower for 10 days cause i was in it for so long!

  11. Congrats to Nick and Aido on their RXD’s today, crackin effort guys!! An hour and a half non-stop of crossfit is just mammoth!!

  12. F?#k’n AWESOME 4551!! Proud as Punch on the turn out of one of Crossfits most gruelling wods. Spewing I couldn’t be there with you all, it’s kinda ironic that the injury that I recieved whilst doing Bull the last time reoccured to prevent me from doing it this time, go figure!! Your all a bunch of champions!! Love you all (manly sniffle)… 😉

  13. Well done to the brave soldiers who battled the “Bull” today!! Well done to Aido, Nicko and Cherise on completing it rxd!! Gutst efforts guys!!

    Rob u should no if that if u miss it it’s bad luck!! If this was the case everyone would be catching up on WODS whenever they feel like!! Next time hey, see ya tomorra dude!!

    • Great way to start the CrossFit week!!

  14. Great night tonight and HUGE CONGRATS to Cherise, Nick n Aido – tops n hats off to you 3 peeps!

    Smokin Joesph I hope that thick lip of yours is not weighing you down too much – Your nickname is Bubba ha ha ha (forest gump)

    Rob you talk it up and then don’t show up – your nickname is Shooter McGavin – look it up (Happy Gilmore)

    • Sorry Cherise I missed you. Well done on your rxd you machine you 🙂

  15. Great effort everyone. Loved watchin Nick and Aido
    Work through and rxd.
    Also loved watching the Lohan girls give it a good crack.

    Special mention for the 6pm crew. Scottie E. Larns, Albert,
    Karen and Mr Crossfit – great efforts just to finish this
    Dammed hard work out.

    Hummm what did I miss. Ah young Robert, well well, well,
    Ripped in 12 weeks …big wuss in one cherry picking day!

  16. Aido and wog! You’re both insane. I have alot of catching up to do over my month off tafe. Cannot wait for bull to roll around again!!!

  17. Fair enough, teach me to encourage all to come in then go surfing for 3 hours, all comments deserved and noted for the future! Im no gavin Mcshooter, I just choose to go surfing Karen. see you all in the box