WOD Monday 21/10/2013

Squat Clean



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15 Comments on “WOD Monday 21/10/2013

  1. 5am
    Kylie 20-35kg
    Lauren.Y 20-35kg
    Mick.L Tech
    Britt 35-50kg
    Lynne 40-50kg
    Marty 50-65kg
    Cam 50-75kg
    Kate 20-35kg
    Aimee 30-40kg
    Carolyn Tech
    Joanne 6kg across

    Kelly 20-30kg
    Karen 45-55kg
    Corrine 20-30kg
    Reiven 30-47.5kg
    Livdogs 40-60kg
    Nadine 20-40kg
    Paula 30-45kg
    Jen.K 25-40kg
    Rani 35-62.5kg
    Sarah 6-20kg

    Mick.B 75-105kg
    Latch 70-95kg
    Bezza 50-60kg

    Sue 25-42.5kg
    Ang Tech
    Jamie Tech
    Tamara 35-45kg
    Cliff 70-105kg
    Kim 40kg hang
    Cian Tech
    Merv 50-70kg (Power)
    Shelbs 35-47.5kg
    Jess 30-52.5kg

    Tommy 101kg Power clean
    Lozza 15.35 (mod)
    Ryan 20-40kg
    Mick.E 80-105kg
    Wog Skills
    Jonny 40kg across (power)
    Brian 20kg across (power)
    Corina 37.5-50kg
    Hayley.G 37.5-50kg
    Aido 70-95kg
    Carol 20kg across
    Naz 20-40kg
    Malcom 90-120kg

    LJ 30-40kg
    Bec.W 35-47.5kg
    Hayley.M 30-40kg (power)
    JFK 80-105kg
    James 50-70kg
    Justin 110-131kg
    Brucey 60-80kg

  2. Much improved tech from everyone this morning! Welldone!

  3. Hey guys I know this is quite premature but is anyone keen on getting together a team for WODStock when it comes to the coast that way we can register and get organised etc. If so please message me on Facebook really keen to do it again!
    Cheers guys

    • Hey Ryan I’m pretty sure Justin is gonna get a notice up on the board regarding interest for the event. We will make sure we have a big turn out at the next event dude so it shouldn’t be a problem mate 🙂

      Onya Ryan