WOD Monday 22/08/2011

Split Jerk

Post start and finish load to comments.

Are you looking forward to seeing a bit of this week 4 with Damon??

7 Comments on “WOD Monday 22/08/2011

  1. I’ve never done a split jerk before!! it’s the technical stuff that I find difficult!! Talk about testing yourself!!!

  2. I think that’s my starting weight for this wod that damons using

  3. 5.45am
    Alan 35-55kg
    Megan 25-42.5kg
    Mull 35-55kg

    Alli 40-60kg
    Lynda 40-63.5kg
    Chase 45-65kg
    Corina 20-40kg
    Christine 20-50kg
    Adam 55-72.5kg
    Brendan 30-50kg
    Sheree “CF MUM” 8.55
    Karen 35-51kg
    Brian Tech 20kg (Welcome)

    Paula 30-45kg
    Liv 30-42.5kg
    Chazza 32.5-50kg
    Rob 50-60kg
    Bec.L 30-40kg
    Lyndal 70-90kg
    Kurt 50-60kg
    Cliff 70-90kg
    Brendan 50-70kg
    Ryno 54-62.5kg
    Aido 60-90kg
    Eliza 30-40kg
    Dale 80-100kg
    Shazza 32.5-60kg

    Lauren 40-62.5kg
    Jayden 55-75kg
    Lara 30-50kg
    Gilli 30-60kg
    Tanners 30-50kg
    God 55-75kg

    • Thanks Megan, got it as soon as you guys left! Apparently I just need to ask the shed to turn their backs when I’m about to do it anything!

  4. Well done mumazza, Chazza and Livazza

    I did 21-15-9 push press sit up push up 6.48
    Then 1k row 3.47