WOD Monday 24/10/2011

5 Rounds for time:
50m Bear Crawl
5 Muscle-Ups

Post time to comments.

Strict v Kipping v Butterfly at CF Gold Coast!!

14 Comments on “WOD Monday 24/10/2011

  1. That was brilliant to witness and loved every minute of it!

  2. Spewing I missed the Thursday session.. Didn’t get to work on my mu’s

  3. A very sad day in the motorcycle world with the horrific accident resulting in the death of a gutsy young man who pushed the boundaries in sport RIP Marco Simoncelli

    • Agreed Kristen….the crash was horrific, rip Marco, only 24!!!

  4. 5.45am
    Lauren 16.23
    Megan 14.05
    Alan 10.58
    Leigha 20.15
    Rhonda 18.49
    Lockstock 11.47 rxd

    Chase 13.18
    Brenno 20.21
    Kristen 18.20
    Louise 21.09
    Matt.Mack 18.07 (1st Strict Muscle-up)
    Alina (mod)
    Lynda 21.07
    Kazz 18.08
    Bec.C 22.03
    Corina 19.41
    Kurt 19.52
    Richo 17.10

    Eliza 12.50 (mod)
    Livdogs 13.34
    Paula 14.57
    Chazz 12.02
    J.F.K 13.09 (First Strict Muscle-up)
    Gill 14.43
    Clifford 13.24

    Tanners 14.24
    Shano.C 7.54 rxd
    Lara 16.04
    Ryno 11.47 rxd
    Larns 17.41
    Babs 15.52
    Matty.Mack 20.46 (mod)
    Aido 8.30 rxd

  5. Sorry didn’t get in this morning. Worked late last night and again tonight. Just been for my own little cxf mum’s workout in the hot sun.
    15 min walk
    then 4 rounds
    10 picnic bench pushups
    25 picnic bench step ups
    10 picnic bench dips
    then 15 min walk.

  6. Very tragic news Babs, Kristen!!

    Well done Mrs T, good to see u making most of the park benches!!

    Well done to the am crews, great to see everyone taking on board the skills from last week, really stoked with the HUGE improvement in such a short amount of time, picture yourselves and where u all will be in a month or two!! Can’t wait to see!!

    Well done Matt Mack on his first Strict Muscle-ups and Lauren for regaining strict Handstand Push-ups again!!

  7. Got reffing this arvo till 6 so if i do make it i’ll be a bit late.. hopefully see yous tonight

  8. In Melbourne all week….will try out some skills practice 🙂
    Have a good week see you all next week