WOD Monday 24/11/2014

Reiven and the BIG Z catchin a bit of recovery after “Kelly” Friday morning!!

A) Overhead Squats


B) Amrap in 10mins of:
5 Triple unders
15 Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)
1 Rope Ascent, (15 foot target)

Post loads and total reps completed to comments.





6 Comments on “WOD Monday 24/11/2014

  1. Lol looks like I can’t calculate after that. Michael Bonney mine is 104 @ 12kg

  2. To Dear Olivia, Thankyou so so much for all your help tonight with my oh squat technique, wonderful coaching!

  3. You are very welcome Corina! You did awesome and moving so much better!
    Shout out to Petey Robbo, Makka and Warney as well, loved helping you guys and seeing your improvements!
    Wouldn’t believe it but
    Makka loves OHS now