WOD Monday 24/12/2012

CrossFit Games Open 12.1

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

Post reps completed to comments.


14 Comments on “WOD Monday 24/12/2012

  1. Yesterday’s wod: Mt Kilimanjaro. It was a 6 hour 17 km hike to the base camp. It was a hard slog, definately a chipper.

    Enjoy the burpees guys, I don’t envy you at all.

  2. 6.00am
    Alan Tech
    Megzi 78
    Cliffo 80
    Mick 87
    Disco 103
    Carlie 47
    Sue 52
    Brooke 80
    Scotty E 56
    Cathy 59
    Lynne 74
    Hayley 98
    Ellen 61
    Tommy 94
    Paula 65
    Jenny B 87
    Brucey 87
    Lisa 64

  3. 96 at home with the 6 inch measurement. I wanted to give up after the first 22 but figured I”d already gone too far.

  4. Backyard job for me to keep Les happy. Nearly died but got 54 burpees. My knee is prob not going to have a very merry Xmas

  5. Resort Gym Wod. 82!! Stoked considering how much I Ate and Drank the night before!! Pre Christmas Dinner Christmas Dinner… 😉 Thank God for the Air Con in the Gym!! 😉

  6. Hi Mick, I did 80 on the dot really happy coz its an improvment on last time by 11 reps!

  7. Was aiming for 50… Did my jump for my 50th just as the alarm went off… Would say I’m happy with that but my ‘aim for’ and ‘like’ we’re two very different numbers…!! 😉 but I did it all from my toes, after 20 with no shoes and to add to the bruised and falling off toenails I now have stone bruises on the soles of my feet also… I wish Crossit could give me back my normal foot size…!! :-/ merry Christmas eve!! x

  8. Tamara, you did GREAT!!! No matter what your score, your toes and bruises will recover and you will get your 50 plus next time….. Mighty effort hon for just having had little Jake just recently!!!! Dont worry about your foot size its very normal to change a bit during and after pregnancy.