WOD Monday 25/02/2013


Post start and heaviest loads for working sets to comments.

42 Comments on “WOD Monday 25/02/2013

  1. *^*^*^*^*^* HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL BONNEY *^*^*^*^*^*
    You didn’t think you’d get away with it, did you? 36 – you’re getting closer to masters coach – keep up the training, you’ll do well old man 😉 hahaha
    I hope you have a wonderful day with your young family, and with your crossfit family too. Best wishes from me and that other old man – Absy Alan

  2. What!! Thats was kept on the low down.. Happy birthday mate

  3. You sly old dog.. Happy birthday you big fluffy ill get you a kebab next MANSHOWER !!!

  4. Wishing the best dam coach and person Mick a fantastic day and a super year!!! Thankyou for being such an ispirational exceptional man!!:)HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH MICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) The End

  5. Happy birthday to such an awesome person and coach hope you had a fantastic rest day with your beautiful family 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday Rosedale!! I would say I hope you get spoilt but we all know Miss Mara Bum does that every day for you 😉
    Have a good one, Pregdale.

  7. Yo! Happy birthday coach :). Hope you’ve had a crackin day and have the hangover to match!

  8. Happy Birthday Mick, you are awesome, thankyou for all the training, time and effort you put into me.. cant wait to make you proud.. hope you have an awesome day! 😀

  9. Happy birthday coach mick!!!!! Cheers for all you do for the box and all you have taught me. Your a great coach and a greater bloke. Yesterday work wod. 7 power snatch 30 sit ups 7 snatch 15 t2b 3 rounds 11.20

  10. 5.30am
    Alan 110-132.5kg
    Megzi 80-100kg
    Shano C 110-125kg
    Greg 110-155kg
    Lisa 40-65kg
    Matty F 155-180kg
    Cathy 60-92.5kg
    Lynne 60-85kg
    Carlie 40-72.5kg
    Tommy Mobility
    Livdogs 60-80kg
    Corey 150-190kg
    Sarah 30-57.5kg

    Sue 70-80kg
    Stevo 125-145kg
    Alli 60-70kg
    Mel.P 105-120kg
    Bryce 70-80kg

    Lock 100-130kg
    Wog 120-140kg
    Big Dawg 180-200kg
    Jenny.B skills
    Gilli 75-102.5kg
    Cliffo 140-155kg
    Simmo 140-155kg
    Hayley 75-92.5kg
    Hulk 160-185kg
    Pitas 100kg across
    Mick.E 100kg across
    Tommy 150-170kg
    Kurt.N 140-155kg
    Tanners 11.42 (mod)
    Smokin 175-195kg
    Bianca 120-135kg

    Justin 5 sets of max rep effort- 140kg
    Mull 85-95kg
    Heids 30-60kg
    Rachy 30-62.5
    JFK 135-160kg
    Corina 85-100kg
    Benny 125-145kg
    Bulldog 135-150kg
    Aido 135-150kg

  11. Happy Birthday Mick hope you have an awesome day 🙂

  12. Happy birthday big man!
    I almost made the perpetual comeback today but drove the in-laws to the airport instead and have work tonight and first day of classes today.
    Came home from tge airport to 10×10 elevated push-ups. Not a mammoth workout but it’s 100 more reps than I’ve done in any day for well over a week now.

  13. Happy birthday mick, props to you mate, I’ve come a long way in my first 9 months of CrossFit thanks to your experience and knowledge as a fantastic coach. Have a ripper of a day!

  14. Happy birthday Mr coach man!!! Have a sick day! Thank you for absolutely everything you do! 4551 are the shed we are because of you! We are family because of you!! we do what we do because of you!! :)(:

  15. Happy Birthday ya old dog ha ha ha. Hope you have a smashing day mate and enjoy your rest 🙂

  16. Your Birthday Boz?? Nahhhh, couldn’t be. You woulda had a Funky Photo of Yourself up on the site!! Anyways, no need to celebrate getting Older, Slower, Weaker ect. Just be happy that you still have a full head of hair. Ohhh… My Bad. 😉

  17. Nice. Happy birthday coach. Only been here a couple months now but you and the 4551 box have made Crossfit my religion. So thanks. Old age looks good on you mate 😉

  18. Have you checked your DAILY FUEL today????

    Have you registered for the Games Open ???

    most importantly are you having a great day ??? 🙂 if not MAKE IT ONE!!!

    • Check on all Three KD!!
      Can’t wait to get in and Lift Some Heavy S?#t!!

  19. happy birthday mick…such a motivational person glad i came back 🙂

  20. Happy Birthday Mick, as everyone has said, you are a fantastic coach no question. You have also created a fantastic group of CrossFitters. The atmosphere in the box is nothing short of amazing and it is a pleasure to train with you, your coaches and the rest of the 4551 Crew…Looking forward to a great CrossFIt season. Have a great day buddy

  21. Happy birthday Mick!

    Couldn’t get in today due to a work meeting that I supposedly knew about…

    I did today’s WOD at 100kg and held it across the 5 sets as I don’t like to go heavy here as I can’t dump the bar.

  22. Thanks to you all guys, still blows me away the awesome people we have within our community, I personally thank you all for putting your faith in me and my team of coaches to help you become a better version of yourselves. Forever greatful and in debt to you all, cheers 🙂

  23. Happy birthday Coach!! Hope you had a great day you old man!!

  24. Good lifting today guys, some great improvements and PB’s as well as athletes being smart and not sacrificing technique! Awsome vibes in all sessions.

    A big happy birthday to you Mick! Hope you enjoyed the day and night with the fam, you deserve it mate.