WOD Monday 25/07/2011

Front Squat

Row 50 Calories for time.

Post load and time to comments.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Joe “The Show” Braund!!

33 Comments on “WOD Monday 25/07/2011

  1. “Happy Birthday” to my very own blue faced Clumsy Smurf 😉

    You are an absolute champion of a man and I’m blessed to be your wife, have a cracker day gorgeous xx

  2. Not looking forward to the vomitron after heavy squats I think I’ll be throwing up 50 calories for time

  3. Cliff, your so hollywood! Happy Birthday Mr Braund

  4. happy birthday Smokin… wont be able to do anything tomorrow night as im crippled, but ill come in and say hi 🙂

  5. 5.45am
    Mull 45-60kg/3.47
    Alan 45-65kg/2.39
    Megan 30-40kg/3.00
    Paul 70-85kg/2.03

    Alberto 60-70/2.37
    Karen 35-50/3.10
    Richo 60 across/1.53
    Kurt 60-80/1.33
    Corina 30-50/3.11
    Chase 40-55/2.04
    Adam 40-65/1.29
    Lynda 30-52.5/2.21

    Lauren 50-60/3.11
    Cliffo 95kg/1.57
    Pablo 80-105/1.32
    Scotty.T 60-75/1.57
    Sheree.T 4.40 Skills
    Tommy 60kg/1.45
    Lahnee 4.5 Rounds
    Chazz 40-55/2.59
    Liv 30-45/3.54
    Paula 50/2.59
    Ryno 55-70/2.20
    Dal 50-72.5/2.10
    Shazz 50/2.57
    Brucey 70-85/2.37

    Gill Skills
    Tanners 7 Rds (mod)
    Babs 30-60/3.10
    God 55-70/1.47
    J.F.K 55-70/1.47
    Aidos 70-85/2.14
    Eliza Tech/ 3.20 (Spewed)

  6. Happy Birthday big nuts, have a great day bud!!

  7. Happy birthday big guy hope that foot is getting better. See you later have a great day.

  8. Rowerrrrrrrrrrrr….that is all!

    Smoking – have a great day mate and looking forward to seeing how old you act now thats there’s another digit on your age, ha ha ha.


  9. Happy Birthday Joe, have a great day!!!!

  10. Happy birthday Joe!!! Hope you’re not working too hard!

  11. Happy birthday Joe. Look forward to seeing in for the 5.45am sess on Wednesday! Have a great day.

  12. Wednesday morning is the new Friday night!! who is up?? I’m thinkin,

    Mimsy (Rumors of her return!!)
    Tanners (Late inclusion)
    Big T (Have a sickie mate!!)

    Wednesday’s WOD is in teams of 3!! What u think guys, i reckon we could pull a record of 10-12??

    Oh and breakfast and Coffee straight after down at the local, this will be a regular Wednesday cult gathering from here on in!!

    • Conveniently I have uni from 4-8pm on Wednesday, so I would have been at this session anyway, but offers of breakfast locks it in!!

    • I can do the odd Wednesday depending on work

  13. You just broke my heart that im not on the list 🙁

  14. All good Spanners u are a late inclusion with Mimsy!! Anyone else who would love to come along and show some support for the early morning “Team WOD” jump on board! These names are not invites just people who we have seen at the 5.45am WOD. More the Merrier!!

    I think we can pass the record of 8!!

  15. Happy birthday Joe!! Hope you had an amazing day mate… Sorry I couldn’t pop little Iron out for his big debut today, but atleast the day is all yours, even though I thought you may have been on the money at 2am this morning when I was doubled over in pain!! 🙂 Enjoy buddy.

    • The day is not over, tell Mick to be ready hehe

  16. Wow!! Cheers EVERONE!! It maybe my 34th Birthday today, however it is my 1st Birthday at 4551!!
    My Life has changed Considerably in the past 2 years. Mostly due to the inspiratision derived from the most positive Influence in my Life, my Wife. In December last year she introduced me to one of her Childhood Besties, Tamara and her partner Mick who had just opened a Crossfit Box in Caloundra. It was at that point that a New Chapter in my Life began. 4551 was a breath of fresh air. An Environmet with the most Positive Energy I have probably ever Exrperienced. A lifestyle that I wanted to adopt and a Crew I wanted to belong to. I am humbled to say that through my good fortune I am not only proud to call you all my Friends, but Honored to call you my Family.
    It is with a Wife like mine and family like you that makes for a Very Happy Birthday indeed. Cheers 4551!! Came got Some…

  17. Well said Joe. I completely agree.
    Enjoy the rest of your birthday brother

  18. SERIOUSLY??!? You couldnt have said all this when I WASN’T 9 months pregnant and sleep deprived and totally an emotional wreck??!? That was a really lovely post Joe and it is times like this where I too am humbled by the influence that Mick has in this community and when someone makes a point of putting it into words and expressing their belief in what he lives and breathes, I am the proudest Mumma to be ever!! Thank you Joe for your words, 4551 truly is an amazing community to be a part of!! 🙂