WOD Monday 28/11/2011

Split Jerk


1 Max Rep effort:
Dumbell Split Jerk 20kg (15kg)

Post load and rep effort to comments.

8 Comments on “WOD Monday 28/11/2011

  1. 5.30am (Weight (1’s)/Reps (Weight)
    Courtney 27.5kg/9 (7kg) Welcome!!
    Shano.G 82.5kg/13 rxd
    Megan 37.5kg/11 (10kg)
    Alan 50kg/14 (15kg)

    Kazza 52.5kg/4 rxd
    Cherise 60kg/20 rxd
    Nicole 30kg/13 (7kg)
    Brenno 80kg/10 rxd
    Lynda 60kg/14 rxd
    Crossfit 70kg/10 (15kg)

    Rob 62.5kg/5 rxd
    Beck.L 55kg/4 rxd
    Kurt 80kg/20 rxd
    Tamara 47.5kg/4 (12.5kg)
    Hayley 32.5kg/10 (7kg)
    Lauren 65kg/6 rxd
    Lockstock 82.5kg/14 rxd
    Ryno 60kg/5 rxd
    Shano.C 18.40 (5km Run)
    Chazz 55kg/8 rxd
    Livdogs 50kg/6 (12.5kg)
    J.F.K 105kg/18 rxd

    Cliffnuts 95kg/23 rxd
    Mel 37.5kg/13 (7kg)
    Lou 27.5kg/18 (5kg)
    Leigha 37.5kg/11 (6kg)
    Matty.H 95kg/ 13 rxd
    Michelle 60kg/7 rxd
    Larns 62.5kg/16 rxd
    Kristen 45kg/13 (10kg)
    Gilli 50kg/13 rxd
    Tanners 47.5kg/6 rxd
    Aido 90kg/6 rxd

  2. Well done to both moth morning crews this morning, some great PB’s!! A BIG welcome back to Nicole, great to see you back in and training!! And another BIG welcome to Courtney, who in her first ever Crossfit session was able to do ring dips, rope climbs, strict pull ups, handstand walks and free standing hand stands all unassisted, very impressive!!

  3. Split Jerks….. pretty sure this is where my feet have a mind of their own ! haha

  4. Well done to all who lifted today, great to see so many PB’s across the board. Well done to top male/female lifters today with J.F.K with his 105kg and Lauren 65kg!!