WOD Monday 29/08/2011

For time:
Run 2.5km
50 Burpees
25 Tyre Flips

Post load and time to comments.

11 Comments on “WOD Monday 29/08/2011

  1. 5.45am
    Megan 18.17 rxd
    Alan 17.28
    Mel 24.11 rxd
    Lauren 16.14 rxd

    Tommy 21.53 rxd
    Brendan 24.40
    Paula 20.40 rxd
    Liv 28.06 rxd
    Aido 20.00 rxd
    Wog 22.49 rxd
    Ryno 16.25 rxd
    Cliffo 17.21 rxd
    JFK 22.09 rxd
    Larns 28.40 rxd
    Callan 23.01 rxd
    Matt 22.55 rxd
    Kazza 18.10 rxd
    Brian 33.45
    Kristen 22.34 rxd
    Eliza 27.20 rxd

    Shano.C 13.18 rxd
    Dale 16.47 rxd
    Tanners 21.33 rxd
    Smokin 18.27 rxd
    Lara 28.04
    Gill 28.50 rxd
    Jess 26.09 rxd
    Barbs 24.09 rxd
    God 20.47 rxd

  2. I have decided to listen to the experts and try to give my back a rest. I am not coming in today, have still problems with my lower back and can’t do Tyre flips or Burpees. I will go for a run this afternoon, well I will try, if that doesn’t work it will be a qick walk. This is very frustrating, I am not very good at taking it easy or resting. 🙁

  3. sorry i couldnt make it in guys. had to work till 6:30. so devoo