WOD Monday 29/11/10


Thrusters 42.5kg (30kg)


Post load and time to comments.

21 Comments on “WOD Monday 29/11/10

  1. MICK!! We said a nice and easy WOD for Monday and this certainly isn’t it!

  2. 5.45am
    Jayden 8.20(30kg)
    Lauren 9.49(30kg)
    Louise 10.59(5kg DB)
    Mim 12.00(20kg)
    Cyn 10.23(20kg)

    Karen 10.47(25kg)
    Lee 10.51(32.5kg)
    Richo 9.56(35kg)
    Amanda 11.44 rxd

    10.15am .com
    Tabata Weighted pull-up, 13kg dumbbell
    Rest 1 minute
    Tabata Weighted squat, 20kg plate
    Rest 1 minute
    Tabata Weighted ring dip, 13kg dumbbell
    Rest 1 minute
    Tabata Deadlift, 75kg barbelll

    The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 intervals.
    Tabata score is the least number of reps performed in any of the eight intervals.

    Mick 4,10,4,8= 26
    Brad 5,10,4,8= 27
    Cliff 14

    Lock stock 5.13 (30kg)
    Bulldog 6.27 rxd
    Nipples 7.55 (20kg)
    Pam 9.07 (25kg)
    Scotty 7.07 (30kg)
    Ryno 6.00 (mod)

    Dale 8.14 (20kg) Welcome
    Alana 7.12 (30kg)mod
    Shano 7.12 mod

  3. Well done Lauren on your efforts this morn, no doubt u would have nailed it as rx’d if your hands did’nt tear up. Well done to Mimsy for her first WOD doing pullups on a band, great to see!!

  4. Thanks Mick for this morning. I’m so angry I couldn’t finish this one rxd. That’s all I wanted! Oh well next time I guess.

    Great work this morning Mim with the pullups on the bands :)

  5. Hey 9.15 crew where are you.??
    Don`t worry lovely Fran is happy to wait all day for you if thats what it takes …………….grin………………
    Nasty girl
    Thanks guys for the encouragement :)
    C U tomorrow

  6. What a great way to start the week! Lauren sounds like you worked your butt off girl, good on ya! Mimsy can’t wait to see you on the bands wooohooo! Amanda you did awesome girl! and well what can I say to all the other usual 9.15am morning crew…..cherry pickers, just pull up yer knickers and get in and do it!

  7. Well I finally did it – pull ups with a band. I really didn’t think that I would ever do it. Thanks for all the encouragement guys. The only problem now is that when we have pull ups Mick will expect me to do them instead of the ring pulls that I normally did.

  8. I wish I could to the pullups as easy as this guy……..

  9. Hey Mick,

    Still at work so will not make it in tonight. Its tough to miss Fran!!!!!

    See you tomorrow night. I am still very sore from the workout on Friday night. Thats what happens when you have 2 weeks off and then get sick!

  10. No worries Michelle, thanks for the heads up!

    Guys remember to write down your PB’s on the whiteboard up stairs and i will add them to the new PB’s page on the website!

    Alot of people missing today! See yas tomorra!

    • yeah yeah, i know im one of em, feeling shit house so didn’t get in. will be back on board tomorrow hopefully feeling more myself again. missed you guys

  11. nice effort mim! you will be doing pullups in no time :)
    and good effort globo! first fran rxd!

  12. Thanks nick
    Bitchn work out
    catch you during the week sometime :)