WOD Monday 30/04/2012

Five rounds for time of:
20kg Barbell overhead walking lunges (21 metres)
21 Burpees

(Let trailing knee gently kiss the ground on each lunge)

(Lock Stock 10.46, Aido 11.16)

Post time to comments.

Happy Birthday Leigha!!

25 Comments on “WOD Monday 30/04/2012

  1. Oh my god, that photo is sooo cute!!! Happy birthday Leigha. Hope you have a fantastic day. From Megan AND your Commando 😉

  2. Happy birthday sexy lady…. So proud of ur achievments at Cf you have come so far… Xoxoxo

  3. Happy birthday Leigha!
    My short legs and I would much prefer it to be 21 lunges rather than 21m of lunges!!

  4. Happy birthday Leigha!!! 🙂 celebrating your birthday with the start of a new era at 4551, training the way the big guns do!!!

  5. Happy birthday leigha, hope you have a superb day! Xx

  6. Happy Birthday Leigha, have a wonderful day 🙂

  7. Happy birthday Leigha – hope ur day is magical and u enjoy every second of it. Very proud of how far u have come, you r stronger than u know girl!

  8. Happy Birthday Leigha – have a great day.

  9. Mick, having looked at the new times, I would just like to point out that last Thursday when I got there at 5pm and you said that I was late, I wasn’t late, I was in fact one week ahead of myself.

  10. 5:30 am
    Alan 12.10 rxd
    Megan 16.49 rxd
    Izzy 25.50
    Fiona 27.00

    Cliffo skills
    Kristen 21.26 rxd
    Matty. F 16.29 rxd
    Kurt 18.57 rxd
    Corina 25.24 rxd
    Ali 20.10 rxd
    Scotty. E 21.27 rxd
    Flick 26.50
    Richo 27.12 rxd

    Rob 22.02 (12kg)
    Beck 13.48 rxd
    Ryno 12.00 rxd
    Lauren 16.19 rxd
    Jayden 15.59 rxd
    Call 12.27 red
    Brenno 19.20 rxd
    Paula 20.00
    Livdogs 23.04 rxd
    Mel.P DNF
    J.D 21.45
    Crossfit 20.41 rxd
    Matty.H 12.42 rxd
    Karen 15.59 rxd
    Peta 21.25 (12kg)
    Larns 20.18

    Jenny 15.24
    Tanners 16.04 (4rds)
    Hayley 15.57 rxd
    Gill 21.19 rxd
    Tommy 8.30 (mod)
    Jaymee 17.26 (12kg)
    Disco 10.36 rxd
    Smokin skills

  11. Hey Mick, I did Sunday’s .COM WOD


    7 ROUNDS
    400m Run
    29 Back Squats (I did 45kg wasn’t sure of the weight)

    Didn’t get a time… but it took what felt like FOREVER!

    • Happy Birthday Leigha! Hope you have a good one mate 🙂

  12. No worries Dal, try stay with the WODS we have put up as we have gone back a bit in time on .com. This will ensure u don’t end up repeating WODS so often. Good effort though mate, I bet the legs are fried 😉


    • Yeah I was going to do our WOD today but the gym was packed. So I thought I would do it tomorrow when I would have access to the group fitness room and could take a barbell in. The room is 20m long too so that helps with measuring. But I will jump back onto our programming for tomorrow as I can see how not doing the right WODs will stuff it all up.

      Pretty sure I won’t be walking tomorrow, still have to play Touch Football tonight! See you on Wednesday 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday Leigha 🙂 Hope your having a wonderful day!

  14. Happy birthday Leigha – hope you are having a great day.

    Les, I will not be in tonight. See you tomorrow night!!!!

  15. you guys are the best love you all i am so blessed to have such wonderful people around me to train with and guide me along, sometimes drag me along!!!… SUCH a amazing encouraging little crossfit family you are all so precious to me =) cya in the box !!! thankyou for helping me improve everyday!!

  16. Beautiful words Leigha!!!

    Disco Stu – ur a machine……..that is all!