WOD Monday 30/11/2015


A) Deadlift

B) Amrap in 7mins:
Burpees, (6inch overhead double hand touch)

-Post load and reps completed to comments.



19 Comments on “WOD Monday 30/11/2015

    • Your awesome Will don’t forget tomorrow’s Monday you have to show up;)

  1. At this stage no 7.30am Monday session guys, all other sessions scheduled as normal. Will update any other changes if any 🙂

  2. Of course I showed up to 7.30 Mick….anyways did burpees at home – 72 in 7 mins. Happy birthday Jill! Great Pic Sue!!

    • Cheesus Norman there was a message on the “I am CF 4551” page and on here hahaha

      At least you did a WOD mate, well done 🙂