WOD Monday 31/10/2011

5 rounds, time each round:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

Post time to comments.

23 Comments on “WOD Monday 31/10/2011

  1. Are you joking??!! Did the have to have my name!!! Think there will be a lot of cursing with my name tomorrow!!! Lol 😉

  2. 5.45am
    Lockstock 24.44 rxd
    Shano.G 29.50 rxd
    Lauren 29.42 rxd
    Kurt.H 11.55 (3rds)
    Megan 25.53 (4rds)
    Alan 18.10 rxd
    Leigha 19.07 (4rds)

    Sheree.T 10.19 “CF Mum”
    Scotty.E 36.35 (4rds)
    Gill 36.19
    Smokin 41.37 rxd
    Chase 41.41
    Kurt.N 43.16
    Alli 24.11 (4rds)
    Lynda 30.30 (4rds)
    Tamara 30.50 (mod)
    Bec.C 21.57 (mod)
    Aido 26.35 rxd
    Kristen 34.05
    Kazz 26.49 rxd

    Mull 5km run 28.03
    Melissa 14.30 (mod)
    Rob 26.18 (mod)
    Beck L 49.36 rxd
    Brenno 31.25 (4 rounds)
    J.F.K. 18.09 rxd
    Chazza 28.31
    Paula 26.00 (3 rounds)
    Livdogs 30.25 (mod)
    Tommy 32.35 rxd
    Cal 30.12 rxd
    John R 21.04 (mod)
    Ryno 16.40 rxd
    Eliza 16.15 (mod)

    Cliffo 29.00 rxd
    Corina 27.56
    Chantelle 23.36 (3 rounds)
    Sara 29.48 (mod)
    Hulk 31.42 rxd
    Babs 40.29
    Lara 36.54 (4 rounds)
    Matty Mac 33.37 rxd
    Shano C 21.13 rxd
    Louise 23.12 (mod)
    Gill 30.32 .com

  3. Somewhere between the alarm going off this morning and my feet hitting the floor, sleep came back! Spewing! I know it’s hard to believe, but I actually wanted to get in for this one! Hopefully I’ll be able to make it in tonight!

  4. Oops, I wasn’t finished yet!
    Kristen, Lyndal and I can get in tomorrow morning, but we’ll need to def be done by 6.45, preferably a little earlier. Is that ok with you?

  5. Well done to both morning crews, 20 people in already!! Will anyone catch Alan’s awesome time today??

    Remember this guy is 54!!

  6. Wow so many in the 9.15 this morn! Pitty I’m working all day, might be a little late like I said I finish at 6 but its in little mountain so shouldnt be very late!

  7. Hey Mel there is only one work out tomorrow 5-45- 6.45 did you want me to do the photos instead of working out or see how we go for time at the end and see what we get. Were you just coming in for photos or for work out too?

    • Maybe photos first and hopefully time for WOD after. It’ll probably be another few weeks before we can both get in at the same time.

  8. No way! Is Alan really 54? That’s bloody amazing!!

  9. Nice work Alan – your a machine mate – Megans probably fitted u with a Honda engine

  10. Well done to all today, one of the biggest days and feel of group atmosphere in 4551 history!! Great to see such great encouragement throughout the whole day, UNBELIEVABLE!!

    To Ryno for pipping Alan at the end with an awesome 16.40 rxd and Kazzbaa taking top spot for the women with 26.49 rxd!! A special mention to Beck.L for a gutsy performance being 1 of only 3 girls to go rxd and also to Gill for Doubling up on WODS today!!

    Awesome guys, hope we can get some dedicated soldiers to support Lauren at the only WOD time tomorrow at 5.45am.

    Awesome Guys!!

  11. Ryno , Alan u r legends . Looking forward to see your times for the team
    For next years games. Well done Karen awesome

    • Yeah cheers Tommy!

      Nice time too to J.F.K just knocked Alan by 1 sec

  12. My hand tore today…

    It made me feel alive again!! Barbara… You kicked my modified ass!!

    Till we meet again… 🙂

  13. Ok mel c u in am. Well done Ryno amazing effort!! And Gill u r one gutsy girl doing Barbara twice today Ha!!

  14. Thanks Kristen 🙂 though i did a differnt WOD at the 6pm session ! feeling the effects this morning – getting dressed was quite a chellenge !!! 🙂