WOD Saturday 01/03/2014

Three rounds for time of:
5 Strict muscle-ups
10 Strict handstand push-ups
15 One legged squats, each leg



Post time to comments.


7am – Normal session only

8am – Bring a Friend for Free session only

Bring your friends and family down for some 4551 fun!!









5 Comments on “WOD Saturday 01/03/2014

  1. A huge thanks and welcome to the 10 newbies we had at our bring a friend for free session today, you all were fantastic!! And to our awesome members who encouraged them to tag along, thank you!!

    It was a fun filled morning with a great team workout and myself and Lock got to meet some really cool people.

    Thanks again 4551 🙂

  2. Had to modify
    5chins 10kg
    5dips 10 kg
    10 strict handstand press
    10 one leg squats I went full range but assisted myself at bottom with cable machine
    Otherwise I fall over lol

  3. Worked HSPUs off a 24 inch box and muscle up progressions from rings on the floor. Hip was too sore to do the pistols. Also did mobility.

  4. 5 CTB (strict..ish)
    5 ring dips strict
    10 HSPU
    15 pistols on each leg

    3rds – 13.40