WOD Saturday 02/02/2013

All the best to Megzy, Woggy and Alan who are completing their AWA Weighlifting Certifications this weekend in Brisbane.

Five rounds for time of:
10 Toes to bar
10 Power snatch, 35kg (25kg)
10 Wall ball shots, 10kg (6kg)

Marcus Hendren 6:33.

Post load and time to comments.

8 Comments on “WOD Saturday 02/02/2013

  1. Crossfit: 1 Tantruming Mull: 0
    It’ll please you all to know I’m about to have a nap.

    • I know I am new to this crossfit but Mel Z you are way to hard on yourself I have been watching and go the girl power your tech is 100% So take a bow and be proud because we are of you!!!:)

  2. Won’t be in this weekend guys. The lohan’s are in Noosa for fun weekend!
    Enjoy the WOD’s and we’ll see you all Monday

  3. Good luck Guys with your cert, another one to add to your awesome list of crossfit acheivements!!!

  4. 6.45am
    Mick 9.56 rxd
    Pete 12.07 rxd
    Bianca 11.30 rxd
    Matty.F 11.57 rxd
    Lauren 14.05 rxd
    Kelly 14.28 (6kg)
    Scotty.E 16.04 rxd
    Martin 14.05 (30kg)
    Hayley 14.20 rxd
    Mull ??
    Dal 12.47 (20kg)
    Macdaddy 16.20 rxd
    Leanne 13.50 (12kg)

    Cliffo 10.02 rxd
    Sue 12.43 (mod)
    Justin 8.10 rxd
    Locky 8.02 rxd
    Stu 8.15 rxd
    Ellen 18.48 (20kg) mod
    Rach 17.09 (25kg PC) mod
    Heidi skills
    Brucey 14.52 (35kg)
    Jen.K 12.41 (12kg)
    Mel.P 13.30 rxd
    Corina 19.12 rxd
    Alli 16.14 rxd
    Stevo 15.43 rxd
    Jenny.B 19.04 rxd
    Ruby 14.59 rxd

    Well done on your efforts this morning guys 😉

  5. Today’s WOD
    5 rounds for time
    10 burpies
    10 dumbbell power snatch 17.5kg
    10 wall ball shots 10kg
    Time 9:14