WOD Saturday 05/11/2011

Today the Gym is Closed due to the Crossfit 4551 Camping Trip!!

(Here’s a WOD that can be performed on an oval or the front of the gym!!

500m Walking Lunge

(Each time the athelete breaks perform 5 Burpees.)

Post time and broken sets to comments.

4 Comments on “WOD Saturday 05/11/2011

  1. 8am
    Mull 19.46/1
    Gilli 26.07/5
    Tamara 41.45/8
    Wil 19.46/unbroken

  2. 4.45am
    Beach WOD
    10 x 50mtr sprints
    10 x 100mtr sprints
    5 x 400mtr sprints

    Brenno (spewed)

  3. Well done Brenno!!!
    4km run lake Kawana 20.04 min
    12km bike ride 800m run
    Pink triathlon preparation