WOD Saturday 08/09/2018


In teams of 2-3 complete the following,

For time:
Row 2km/ max reps burpees
1.6km Sandbag run, 25kg (15kg)
Row 2km/ max reps box-jumps 24″ (20″)
1.6km Sandbag run
Row 2km/ max reps deadball cleans, 35kg (25kg)

In this workout, one athlete completes the row whilst other/s are working through max reps. The athlete on the row station must rotate in order every 500m. All athletes complete the run in full together (one sandbag per team) but will only accumulate the row distance. Your team score will be the overall time and reps recorded for each max rep station.

Post time, reps, box height and load to comments.