WOD Saturday 08/11/2014

Watch the fittest woman on earth tear it up (male rxd) on “Amanda”, BEAST!!!! 

In pairs continue the sequence as long as possible:
0-2mins: 2 Rope ascents (15ft), 2 Partnered deadlifts 150kg (120kg)
2-4mins: 2 Rope ascents, 4 Partnered deadlifts
4-6mins: 2 Rope ascents, 6 Partnered deadlifts
6-8mins: 2 Rope ascents, 8 Partnered deadlifts
continue on as long as you can maintain the sequence…

*Each athlete must complete a rope climb each round, partnered deadlifts must be completed together. Score will completed rope climbs and total deadlifts completed for the wods entirety.

Post team load and total reps to comments.