WOD Saturday 15/12/2012

Seven rounds for time of:
35kg (25kg) Thruster, 12 reps
9 Toes-to-bar
Run 200 meters with a 10kg (6kg) medicine ball

Post load and time to comments.

Good luck to Hayley and Mel.P who are completing their level 1 Crossfit certification today at CF Brisbane!!

10 Comments on “WOD Saturday 15/12/2012

  1. Good luck Mel and Hayley…word of advice ready the book, take notes during the day and get a good nights sleep

  2. Go you beautiful girls you are strong you are smart and you have an army of 4551 people behind you go girl power!!!xx:)

  3. Good luck today Hayley and Mel P. The course is a great experience – soak up as much info as you can, and enjoy Fran this arvo 😉

  4. Best of luck today girls and most importantly have fun!!!

  5. 8.00am
    Megzi – 18.02 rxd
    Sue – 22.18 (12kg)
    Tommy – 21.22 rxd
    Paula – 25.00 (6 rds)
    Disco – 19.19 rxd
    Lozza – 25.51 mens rxd!!
    Jaydos – 27.13 rxd
    Ryno – 21.41 rxd
    Pete – 23.53 rxd
    Lachlan R – 23.22 (12kg)
    Bianca – 22.25 rxd
    Cliffo – 23.39 rxd
    Shano C – 25.02 rxd
    Alan – 19.50 rxd
    Brucey – 27.14 rxd
    Mitch – 24.12 rxd

    • Heya smokin! I’m not up to 9 consecutive toes to bar in a WOD yet. But thanks for mentioning it! Most i got was 6 on about the 5th round. Actually I lost my grip and fell off into the wall on one of the sets…

  6. I did this one at home tonight but with toes through rings instead cause my hands are torn! Did the weight though 🙂 25:16
    And yep Megzi, had a run in with Fran! Uuuuhhhhh